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Kristi White
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My brain is in overload with the joy of with the possibilities.Oooooooh! Plucksduck
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Thank you. I looked at about half dozen tutorials and yours was by the clearest and easiest to follow. I made the bag in less than 15 minutes and would have been done sooner if my machine hadn't decided to snarl up the thread halfway through.
I love Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing. It makes me want to be a bombshell. plucksduck
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Ooooooooh I totally know which fabric I'd want to use and these are just the tools and book to use it on. PlucksDuck
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Drool, drool, drool. Most of my sewing stuff is scrounged, begged, borrowed and battered but lovely good pins are things I covet most. PlucksDuck
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Vehicles? Insects? Cupcakes? People named Bob? I really love the doll panel idea though...
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