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When I hear that story, that the walls of Jericho literally fell because the people obeyed God, it is easy to think those walls must have been poorly built or something to come down that easily: 'like, what kind of walls were they building where you could march and shout and knock them down -cardboard?' I think God puts the part in there earlier to show us how the promised land looked intimidating if looked at through the paradigm of human strength, and thus we can assume that Jericho's walls were not lacking in strength (just like in life some of our problems might not be). But with obedience to the spirit of the law in God's word, we can overcome because we pray & obey out of victory and not defeat.
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great information! how do you always know to talk about things I need to hear? it can only be the Holy Spirit!
great post! I finally got a little time to be online a little bit & I think I could spend a lot of time just here.
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