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California Blogger
Los Angeles, California
California blogger from Los Angeles.
Interests: san francisco, california, california politics, technology, san diego, silicon valley, entertainment, southern california, los angeles, malibu, entertainment industry, hollywood, northern california, orange county, oakland, santa barbara, san jose, californians, california issues, california culture, california people, state of california, california government, california news, beverly hills, technology industry, san francisco bay area, california coast, california environment, california economy, ventura county, california state parks
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Thank goodness for the U.S. Commercial Service trade professionals who help U.S. companies get started in selling to new global markets. 6,400 current export success stories? Very cool indeed.
Great news for the nation at a time when auto sales are on the rise in the state of California. We need more of this kind of positive news in every sector of the economy.
A lot of Californians have been wondering why there was ever a need to consider closing any California state parks in the first place. Rightly stated, it's just not a gigantic money-saving idea. Perhaps political mileage was the original intention, or maybe just getting a surge in attendance was the plan. Whatever. There are bigger fish to fry in our Golden State, and the flames are now under the frying pan!
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on Saving California parks at Opinion L.A.
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