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"Birdy nam nam"? I don't hope they are feeding a Norwegian Blue parrot... ;) I have problem with the "follow limit" rule. At around ~2000 users, you can't have a too big difference between following and followers. I am following 2540 at the moment. But "only" 2305 people are following me, so I can't follow more people at the moment. I have to unfollow people and then I can start to follow more people again. Why should it be like this?
So, what do you think will happen? A new form of Mail Boxes Etc.? Mark my words, if you will have a combination of Kinko's (FedEx nowadays) services with a personal mail service together with a place to meet and greet other business owners over a cup of coffee a la Starbucks, I think that could attract new customers. I see historically how the coffee houses were meeting places for different groups of people and you see how today's coffee houses are emerging into hang outs for "digital nomads". The Third Place in action!
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