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"I'm waiting, sir, I'm waiting." For what, exactly? Hope and change are wonderful things, but does this woman understand exactly what she voted for? Still, apparently not! I won't use the word "Socialism" since that will invite the wrath of "D" onto this one, but let's face it -- Americans don't want the kind of change that President Obama and his administration is trying to implement, and she sounds like she's just finally starting to get the puzzle picture now that she sees the pieces. Time to get a new puzzle -- November is on its way!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2010 on Therapy Session? at The National Conversation (Raw)
Clue number one: Real bipartisanship. Clue number two: Cut spending. Clue number three: No governmentalization of health care, auto industry, etc. Oops, wait, he said "Democratic" -- sorry about that, guess none of those apply. Bush's fault!!
Hmmmm... Maybe if other schools were made available to students of color (hint, hint, Washington D.C.) things would improve a little??? Oh, right, the NAACP would say that might be "profiling" -- gotcha!!!
Wanted: One perfect caddy for demanding duffer (there, that takes care of all those "I will not rest" promises...)
Hmmm...I hear the administration may have an intelligence position open within the next week or so...perhaps Mr. Stevens could be persuaded to fill it???
Toggle Commented May 22, 2010 on Come To The USA at The National Conversation (Raw)
Al, um, I know you like a captive audience and all that -- but, um, Mr. Bush isn't in the White House anymore, remember?? Isn't this going against all the positive rhetoric of the current administration?? (Wonder why there were no shots of the students who had to listen to him while he talked.)
Toggle Commented May 19, 2010 on Need A Laugh? at The National Conversation (Raw)
And, once again Derek, what about the similarity between the National Day of Prayer and Earth (Arbor) Day?? When Earth Day comes around, my niece and nephew have environmentally friendly projects to do at school, watch movies on oceans, earth, etc. This is okay with you?? The earth is something we live on every day, and my sister and her husband are already very environmentally concerned -- if the schools can help to promote Earth Day, why shouldn't students (if they so choose) be allowed to pray on the National Day of Prayer? Earth Day is recognized as good, but the National Day of Prayer is not?? What if I'm praying for the Earth? What if I'm praying for the good of the country? Illegal immigrants?? Prayer can be on many things, and those that choose not to pray should recognize that there are many other who may wish to and are happy that a day is set aside as a recognization of that fact. Instead of ruling on the Constitutionality of it, as we could Earth Day, why not set aside a recognized day for each religious affilitation (or non-affiliation)? Would that help?? Why is prayer (in some forms) bad??
Derek, let me put this in terms you can perhaps understand: Yes, a National Day of Prayer is not part of the Constitution. The Constitution, however, is a document that was written by people who truly believed in religious freedom, no matter what type of religion (including Muslims). We would not have a problem with this (at least, not much of one) if the National Day of Prayer was involved in the lawsuit. The National Day of Prayer does not force one to pray (in the video, the man says the weekly prayer is "an obligation"), nor does one have to pray to any specific type of religion -- if one is Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Maoist, even atheist -- we are only invited to pray and the government recognizes the day. Is this not different from Earth Day (formerly known as Arbor Day)? I'm sure plenty of people plant trees, recycle, pick up garbage, etc. on any day (sometimes on specific days), yet Earth Day is a recognized day for the purpose. Why should there be such an uproar over the National Day of Prayer, and not over the activities happening in the Capitol?? Would you think that Catholics got that sort of same treatment on Good Friday?? Think about it, and I'd like to see what you say.
Of course it's fair to her -- she knows that she'll never have to see people in jail for not having insurance coverage because they won't be going to the same facility she will be one she's put in jail for her actions as Speaker of the House.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2009 on Go To Jail! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Just for Christmas? How about Kwanzaa? Or any of the other myriad "holiday celebrations" that all just happen to fall around at that time? Is she saying that just those who believe in Christmas are the only ones getting this? Is she deranged????
Well, instead of getting the Olympics, perhaps the Reverend and the One and Ms. Winfrey should pool their resources and buy the team out from under Rush -- that would show him, wouldn't it?? And, St. Louis?? Couldn't it be a peaceful show by The One to bring Chicago and its neighbor to the west together, thereby showing that he really did earn that Peace Prize??
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Asinine! at The National Conversation (Raw)
I thought he was a sure-fire Oscar winner for this year -- best imitation of a politician since Martin Sheen -- oh well, I guess that one went to Jimmy Carter -- better luck next year, BHO!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on Breaking News at The National Conversation (Raw)
All I know is that if I showed this to my lady, a very patriotic African-American who used to work for a union when she lived in Pennsylvania, she would be to this man's house and slap him upside his head -- so, forewarned is forearmed in more ways than one, Maddy!!
Maybe Mr. Gore is working on the sequel -- "Just Kidding" -- and didn't want to give out any specifics...
I could say that it takes one to know one -- but that's too easy, right?
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2009 on Playa Hatin' at The National Conversation (Raw)