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The things you mention in this post are very much related to my decision to drop out of Christianity. I was one of those progressive Christians who believed in the "love your neighbor" bit but not in the "Jesus is the only way" bit. I got so worn out from doing mental gymnastics, trying to make obvious contradictions within Christianity and the Bible fit with each other. I felt so guilty all the time for not being perfect, too. Finally, I could no longer force myself to believe. I chose to believe in my own belief system and remove the only part that didn't agree-Jesus and Christianity. Once I did that, I felt like everything clicked together. I took out that one piece of my belief puzzle, and I was free to think whatever the hell I wanted, dogma be damned. I am just happy to find others who reject the contradictions and know that morality not only can be present without God--it actually makes more sense. Thank you for your blog!
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