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via iphonegamer: I hope they really push the ios platform to new heights with this one. Tv out would also be nice :) Continue reading
Reblogged Nov 17, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
via This game looks like a lot of fun, adding a new twist to the dual shooter arena. Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 11, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
More than 1 million iPhone sales in Korea Distributor KT Corporation announced this week that the iPhone has sold more than 1 million units in South Korea. It took 9 months for that many units to fly off the shelves, and doesn't include sales of the iPhone 4. When the iPhone 3GS launched in Korea in November of 2009, KT Corp. had some 65,000 pre-orders to fill. By contrast, customers had placed 350,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Now, KT and Apple struggle to meet the demand as bottlenecks are hindering distribution elsewhere, despite manufacturer Foxconn's best efforts. Still, KT... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 22, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
via The iPhone Gamer : Carmack claims original xbox graphics, WoW!! Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 14, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
via The iPhone Gamer : I really enjoyed the iphone version of this game, but found that the ipad version does not run as smoothly. It is somewhat hard to navigate, which I find bothersome, because I didn't have this same issue with Gameloft's other games. That being said, it's still a definite buy at $.99 just to show off. Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 14, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
via The iphone Gamer : I found this game to be very satisfying for the iphone, so I imagine the ipad version will take things up a notch. Continue reading
Reblogged Aug 6, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
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Jul 29, 2010
via Brookstone Link The iphone Gamer : Now this is what I'm talking about!! It has to be ( from a consumers standpoint ) one of the most innovative uses for the iphone technology to date. I can't wait to get my paws on this baby, and put my android friends to shame !! Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 29, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
iTunes: Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 23, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
The iphone Gamer : GEUAX SAINT'S!! Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
via The iphone Gamer : I liked the first game, and this new version seems to bring even more excitement to the table. along with being a universal app, chopper 2 also adds the ability to control the ipad version with the iphone or ipod touch via bluetooth. If that's not enough for you, why not turn your ipad into a gaming console with the addition of vga or component output. Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 23, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
The iphone Gamer : This feature along with the retina display, really make me want the iphone 4. It gives the ability to move left and right, without always having to make little swipes with your finger at every turn. At first i didn't think this was a big deal, but now I definitely see the impact. via Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 21, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
We already recommend Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney without hesitation, but now we're even quicker to do so. In honor of Comic-Con (for some reason), Capcom has temporarily marked down the iPhone version of Phoenix Wright, along with several other iPhone and even iPad games. We suggest you take that! ... opportunity and pick up Phoenix Wright for just $2.99. Other highlights include the iPad and iPhone versions of Resident Evil 4 for $2.99 each, Street Fighter 4 for $6.99, and Dark Void Zero for just .99. Mega Man 2 is also just .99, if you want to hate your iPhone.... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 21, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
We know you've been asking for a long time and we've been listening! Our very first iPhone / iPod Touch app is finally available to download in the iPhone App Store. Click on the image above, or go straight to the App Store with this link. The Joystiq app brings everything you love from the site to your iPhone: the latest video game news and commentary, game videos and screenshots, reviews and previews – all presented with as much excitement, enthusiasm, insight and fun as the laws of physics allow. Notable features include: offline viewing (goodbye, boring subway ride), built-in... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 20, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
via The iphone Gamer : Apple played this video today at the beginning of the press conference, which I think took a lot of balls considering the circumstances. Something like this is one of the reasons why I am a fan of the company, they generally tell you what's on their mind ( In a sarcastic kind of way ) while dealing with an issue which is extremely overblown. Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 16, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
Steve Jobs just announced today that the company will issue a free case to every iPhone 4 purchased through September 30. If you've already purchased a bumper case for your iPhone 4, you are entitled to a refund. You can apply for the free case through Apple's web site starting late next week. The company plans to source cases from third parties due to a shortage in bumper cases, so iPhone 4 customers will have a choice of a few different cases. If you are still not satisfied with the iPhone, you can return it for a full refund within... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 16, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
Mobile Crunch has posted a few pictures of Apple's Game Center app (still only available to developers and therefore still under NDA), and it appears that Apple is still working on the look and feel of the app. Previously, they were going with the dark blue look you can see above on the left (though I'm not convinced that wasn't just a placeholder), but the latest update has a much more colorful and textured look to it, almost like a felt game table or board game set. via The iphone Gamer : This is going to be a big... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 15, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
June was a big month for handheld gaming. At E3, Nintendo unveiled its visionary 3DS – the successor to the DS that uses a cool glasses-free 3D display. Sony also used E3 to showcase several games that should stave off PSP detractors claiming the handheld has entered its twilight phase. Sony and Nintendo seem ready to battle each other, but what about the handheld gaming rig that nobody expected to explode: the iPhone? June was not only the debut of the 3DS, but also the launch of the iPhone 4, an improvement over the original iPhone in every way from... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 12, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
Disney has allegedly acquired the iPhone game developer Tapulous, according to a TechCrunch report. Tapulous founder Bart Decrem is said to be joining Disney as a vice president, while COO Andrew Lacy will also become a VP. Tapulous late last year was already bringing in almost $1 million each month from its range of popular apps such as Tap Tap Revenge. A team of just 20 workers was responsible for creating content downloaded more than 20 million times. The terms and price of the acquisition have yet to be fully disclosed. via The iphone Gamer: I think when companies... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 1, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
The iPhone 4 has landed. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Is it worth upgrading?… and more importantly, is it good for gaming? The first thing that strikes you when you get it in your hand is its build quality. Steve Jobs mentioned in the unveiling that it has the build similar to that of an old Leica camera… and it certainly has that quality feel to it. Sculpted from a band of stainless steel and finished both front and back with glass, it feels very solid! The 3GS wasn’t an ugly device by any stretch of the... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 27, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
If you like Plants vs. Zombies or games like Knights Onrush, This will be right up your alley. Instead of strategically placing plants in defense of your home, you defend your gate by taping and swiping with different weapons, such as a knife, revolver, and shotgun etc.. Pros: The game has fun graphics, and the controls are very easy to learn. You also have the ability to upgrade your weapons, giving you a nice arsenal to choose from. Cons: Even though the game is well implemented, your kind of left feeling like you've done this sort of thing before. More... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
I found out one thing today, that developers were not ready for the release of ios 4.On my first go around with our new beloved ios, I found myself struggling to figure out why multitasking ( hands-on ) did not work. I tried several times with various different games, but they kept reloading from the beginning. Later that day I noticed an update for Plants vs. Zombies( rectifying the situation with much glory) allowed me to return in game to the same exact location without missing a beat. I would have thought developers ( having plenty of time) would have... Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog
Navigation is one of the iPhone app categories that will really benefit from multitasking, and Navigon will shortly release a free update to provide that highly desired functionality. You can leave the app when a call comes in, and when you end the call you'll still be navigating. Better yet, any voice alerts will be heard while you are on a call. The US and Canada version will be updated first, with the regional versions of the apps to follow shortly. Navigon has continued to be very aggressive in delivering features, and this latest update will be an important leap... Continue reading
Reblogged Jun 19, 2010 at The iphone Gamer Blog