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I'd be interested! Your international fans love the opportunity to access content like this! Thanks for so often giving us options... - from Aus -
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You're right Sarah, your readers are brilliant! Ladies, you are a wealth of wisdom and understanding. I've always been relieved to be able to say that I'm ok in my singleness. Not happy about it or preferring it, but ok with it. Cos I knew, know, that I would rather be single than with the wrong guy. But lately... It's harder. I have all those people saying all those things. Marvellous, loving people who want me to be happy and fulfilled and loved and looked after. Sarah, do what you need to do. Pity parties, saying no to invitations, no longer dating, changing your life into whatever you want it to be, getting out there and meeting new people, dating every single guy you meet, travelling to Nicaragua, watching and crying your way through every good girly movie ever made [and a few bad ones], having a baby, climbing a mountain, doing nothing but things starting with the letter 'A' for a month or changing one thing in your life everyday. To be honest, it's not even for you that I ask you to do those things. Do them for us! And of course, tell us all about it here. What do I do because I feel like I should, even if it's not the best thing for me? Maintain the illusion. My journey at the moment is about living more TRULY. It's gonna take forever but I'm moving that direction. That's what counts right? I know it is but............... I just have no idea what it will look like and that scares the freakin' hell out of me. Which would be why I've spent this long inside the facade. But it's had more than it's time and I will give it nothing further. Thank you Sarah for allowing us to share in and learn from your journey.
Sarah, I love your blog! Been reading for a couple of months now and am really appreciating hearing more about your journey. I'm 31, single, not at the 'baby on my own' point but glad I can be learning from someone else's experience before I get there. If I get there. I'm adopted, was when I was 6wks old. So, obviously, its the only thing I remember. I didn't have the perfect life growing up but it was good and I was looked after and I was loved. I have always been a proponent of the goodness of the adoption option - both the giving up of your baby if necessary and adopting someone else's. But I am even more a proponent of people's right to choose. And I'm actually not specifically thinking of abortion here! We're in the middle of a debate here in Australia about legislation coming in that would mean that independent midwives would be the only independent medical practitioners that won't have government assistance in accessing insurance cover. Which would effectively make it illegal for them to work with mothers outside of the hospital system. So mothers wanting to choose homebirth would only be able to do so without the safety net of registered midwives. I have been blessed to have been asked to be present at two births for friends of mine. One was a standard hospitalised experience and the other was a planned homebirth with 2 midwives in attendance. I don't know what I will choose when I [hopefully] get to that point but I absolutely want to have options to choose between. Thank you for your willingness to share with us. Particularly in your humourous, well-written, honest way! May you feel peace about your decisions, whatever they are, and may that peace encourage those around you to feel it also...
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