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Yes. Context. I was at LPR in the spring and was very impressed with the vibe. The audience seemed aware that this was a transplanted ritual situation and behaved appropriately. (Nicky had a piece played by So Percussion at the MATA fest.) The jazz club situation is funny because in that scenario, you can change up the vibe, play louder, etc, to play to the audience. And that scene is rife with a history of people talking over the music because of its speakeasy origins. With strictly composed music (read "classical") it can be pretty rough, though. And forget playing in a beer tent. A world of hurt awaits!
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Nights alive with music at Secret Society
Darcy, one problem with presenting jazz and classical music alongside "indie" rock (or whatever the kids are calling it these days...) at venues and festivals geared towards the latter, is that however well intentioned, the people attending are oblivious to the "concert ritual". (good or bad, it exists...) Which, in the end, means that all music presented on the bill has to be devoid of any dynamic contrast. Any quiet parts usually end up exposing the fact that no one is listening and that the primary objective is getting more beer. God knows I've played enough of these situations (wearing both my indie rock hat, and my "new/chamber music" hat) to know that it is a utopian vision to think that it can work. At least at outside festivals! If the music is framed by an appropriately awe inspiring venue, it CAN trigger the dormant listening gene.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Nights alive with music at Secret Society