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To my knowledge Congressman Paul Ryan owes nothing to the Islamic mafia. Nor do any of the stars of the recent revolution in Wisconsin. Apparently that is an anomaly even among so called conservatives considering the issues with Perry and Chris Christie. Ryan would be an (extremely) reluctant candidate for President at this point, but word has it that he is considering. It would be an enormous sacrifice for him and his family if he were to run. He'd be supremely qualified for the office and would have a better shot at winning the general election than John Bolton. I think President O is scared silly of Ryan. I don't know if our institutions can survive the remainder of this guy's term let alone 4 more years piled on top of that. Let's pray Ryan makes the right choice.
Multiculturalists fervently believe that they can bring about world peace and harmony through mutual understanding, dialogue and cooperation. Deep down they are (justifiably) scared s***less of a world gone mad and plunging into anarchy. That's why they so viciously attack anyone who raises objections, dares to be 'divisive,' categorizes any belief system as "Evil" or others as better, much less "Good." They see themselves as Saviors, humanity's best and only hope. 'Can't we all just hold hands and get along?' Perhaps if we'd just share our favorite ethnic dishes . . . Sounds nice. But it is suicide. There are beliefs and practices that you never, never want to give place to. That of course demands asking tough questions and being prepared for even tougher answers, answers that may be costly or cause you to confront yourself. But if you can't address the dark side of human nature, if you don't dare oppose monsters and bloodthirsty killers then you forfeit all hope for real peace and justice. You don't deserve freedom and you are guaranteed to loose it. The intellectual class was largely unwilling to deal with Evil 70 years ago, until it was too late. Looks like we are about to repeat the mistake.
How about starting a grassroots program to sponsor individual refugees and families from South Africa? (educated and principled blacks included) Help prevent a holocaust. You probably couldn't find a more appreciative, dynamic, and loyal group of immigrants. (no doubt our State Department would resist mightily but just one more public grievance and reason to run this administration and congress out of office at earliest possible opportunity)
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Communities all over the Midwest are coming under this type of assault. The next decisive battle will be in the courts. Local board members need to be assured that there will be competent, top notch defenders for them in court - not some bumbling hack who would have trouble arguing a case before the dog catcher. To all sympathetic attorneys out there: THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. If you let your local governments be bullied and intimidated, you or your children will someday be standing before a mullah in Sharia court. Islam is making a deliberate, self conscious attempt to target and invade selected communities and neutralize conservative, pro-Israel Christian institutions. Town, village or county boards have traditionally had sole discretion in granting zoning and use changes. They are under no legal obligation to change the zoning of any existing property despite what the press says, especially if there is significant local opposition. The press loves to tar any opposition with the 'bigot' charge. Who is the bigot damnit??? People who scream that Jews are the grandchildren of pigs and monkeys or institutions that have stood for liberty and the dignity of the person regardless of beliefs? Ask these flunkies from journalism school!! This unfortunately will be thrown into the Federal court system which has almost no accountability to voters or the local community. It will be a major, major fight with incalculable long-term consequences.
It seems most everyone is missing (what I assume) is the main reason for the cancellation. Anti-gay rhetoric like this would be political suicide in the Netherlands and it would be an extreme disservice to Geert Wilders to continue with this function after these statements came to light. And I would assume the Wilders has pulled out too. Evangelicals need to show some political maturity. Do you want to cut the ground out from under your allies at the risk of loosing your head??
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"But you and I know the truth: It's the most depraved lifestyle there is!" Sorry, A culture dominated by Sharia has it beat several times over. I'm not a big fan of licentiousness but I'll take it any day over be-headings with dull knives, mass slaughter and torture and abuse of women.
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We need to get guns to these people. Huge ethical and practical problems to be sure. Should "people of faith" be involved in gun running? Gun running involves smuggling and bribery, defying the central government, huge risks of prosecution and imprisonment, also the risk of misuse. But nothing else works. Courageous use of arms is the only thing that has stopped militant Islam from Charles Martel down to the Zionists in Palestine. It's past time for a discussion. These people's blood will be on our hands if we don't do something. And if we aren't ready to do something, we will face the same dilemma - here.
"that's the hand I use! . . well never mind."
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[actually the covert aid came 2000-2008 under the Bush II administration, the '90's saw the some of the worst atrocities, while the civilized world did virtually nothing - except for a few courageous NGOs that provided civilian relief]
There is only one way to stop these unthinkable atrocities. Provide weapons and training and enable people to defend themselves. It worked in Sudan. Covert US aid drastically reduced the attacks on Christians in the south of that country in the 1990's. (the monsters in Khartoum then turned their attention to Darfur, an easier target no doubt). Same goes for those of us in Western countries. Either be willing to fight or die like sheep.
Jamal Jivanjee sent out an e-mail with his take early this morning. Obviously he's not an attorney but he seems to be basing his opinions on some very informed legal sources. Bottom line is that much of this ruling is bad news. The real issue is Rifqa's immigration status which cannot be resolved unless she is declared a PERMANENT dependent of the State of Ohio. Per Jamal 3/3/10 7:23AM EST: "According to a law passed during the Bush administration, minors who are declared to be a dependent of the state are eligible for a very special dependency proceeding. The official name of this dependency proceeding is called Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), which will allow Rifqa legal permanent residency in the U.S. If Rifqa turns 18 without this, she can be deported to Sri-Lanka where her life would be in grave danger." The "reconciliation" plan is a stalling tactic put forward by the C.A.I.R. backed legal team. The longer that issue drags on, the less time for Rifqa's team to seek permanent dependency and appeal for a fast track Juvenile Special Immigrant status. Make no mistake, Tarazi and his advisers will make use of every delaying tactic and deception right up until the day of Rifqa's 18th birthday. Their goal now is to get her deported to Sri Lanka. No one should be lulled into a sense of complacency. Rifqa is still at serious risk and her immigration status enormously complicates matters. This is just one battle. There are more Rifqa's out there. Either we hand Islam a decisive defeat in matters like this or they will keep coming back, each time taking away more of our legal system with them.
Jokerman, That's just another example of bureaucratic chickensh*t. Why would the police risk an incident or a violent confrontation when they can harass and ticket a law abiding person who is minding their own business? It would simply be infuriating but for the fact that someone's life was at risk in the Rifqa Bary situation, and now someone who helped her is looking at serious jail time. This just brings up a whole lot of issues. I could easily imagine myself or a friend in similar circumstances. How far does one go in cooperating with a system that is incompetent or compromised and which may put you in the position of betraying somebody? What lengths does one go to to defend some one who has come to you for protection?, especially if you've already stepped outside the law as a matter of principal? I have no good answers. The only answers I do get are silly ones from people who make naive, childish assumptions. All I can say is that the people who built this country and effected positive change didn't do it by sniveling and groveling in front of inept or lazy government employees. Power respects power.
jj re Syria / Hezbollah request for Iranian troops:
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Kwaitkowski, Paul, and Norquist represent the isolationists, the tinfoil hat crowd and the country club types all of which have been part of the conservative movement for a very long time. Isolationism is a suicidal fantasy in the 21st century, just as it was in the late 1930’s. Most Americans are smart enough to reject it. The tinfoil hat bunch has always been an embarrassment. For a while it seemed they had gone away but stressful times brings out the wackos. Most are so deranged that I doubt they could govern or hang on to power for one election cycle. Let’s at least hope so. Perhaps the most disconcerting are the elites who have the connections and can act as deal makers, They sway opinion and effect major changes before anyone realizes what has happened. It is this bunch in the 1950’s who were fond of saying that all the turmoil in the Middle East was the result of Israel being “artificially created.” This same chum is being chucked up for the third or forth time and it gets more putrid with each recall. Islam has managed to transcend all of it. It has ingratiated itself with the Left and is now working overtime to divert the new patriotism brought on by 9/11. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was a conspiracy. (Actually I don’t know better.) I might point out that for all their issues, the religious right doesn’t much belong in any of the above. A large majority would recognize that “Islam is the problem.” Fundamentalist Muslims have viciously persecuted Christians where ever Islam predominates. A few may be Paul loyalists, far fewer plain isolationists. I seriously doubt you would find any in the country club bunch. They’re too rude and crude. They’re “literalists.” They believe in moral Absolutes and a linear, redemptive view of history, both primarily as defined by the Jewish Bible. That’s why they will never sell Israel short for an empty peace or a few years supply of oil. Thank you FDI for your courage and for shining a torch in a very strategic and dark place. All of us may someday owe you our freedom and even our lives.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
jj: Thanks for illuminating the despicable political realities behind this prosecutor's actions, . . . and of the true meaning of chickenshit. DE
This style of 'journalism' insults, interruptions, screaming, guilt by association set ups - just shows the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the MSM. Forty years ago most commentators were able to put together coherent often eloquent statements (even if flawed). Apparently HLN and Ass-ociates got more than they were expecting during that brouhaha on Monday. Probably expecting a kitty and they got a tiger. Way to go!! Please keep it up. Hopefully K.O. will continue to provide free advertising (the bestest kind), at least until the network k.o.'s him.
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Apparently some confusion about Stephanie Miller. Stephanie Miller is the daughter of William Miller, Barry Goldwater's running mate in 1964. Find it supremely ironic that two turncoat political brats born into power and influence were accusing Pamela of being an "elitist." As for Ms Miller trying to trivialize the subject of clitorectomies, about the only thing more vile and in worse taste would be holocaust jokes.
"So why did the leftopaths throw out nuclear energy. It's the same "stretch"" Partly due to hysteria whipped up by a certain well loved visitor to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Meanwhile China is heavily pursuing pebble bed reactors with plans for thirty of them to be online in ten years. (Pebble bed reactors are simple in design, have virtually no risk of melt down and approach 50% efficiency. Some processing issues but a heck of a lot less volume than fly ash.) [Does anyone know if you can still get those water proof J.F. stickers? - you know, the ones for strategic placement in public facilities.]
'he's just p.o.'d because he got caught.' indeed this guy looks like some school boy who got caught pleasuring himself. Typical well/over paid administrator trying to cover his tail (or trail). and what is it with Ohio? kowtowing to extremist mosques, breaking down doors and confiscating produce from co-ops (for vague, unpublished 'permit violations'), ACORN style organizing in high schools. Is the Buckeye State some kind of proving ground or test arena for the new government paradigm? Thanks to Atlas for turning a search light on this outrageous stuff.
facebook . . 639 says: "Where my concern comes in about overly diffident lawyers is if the judge _doesn't_ laugh off this motion and it goes to trial." With all due respect to jewishodysseus and others, this is the crux of our concerns. The CAIR provided lawyers have shown a keen ability to exploit weaknesses in the judicial system. They consistently file motions that at first seem juvenile and outrageous but quite soon prove diabolically well planned. Jamal and Pamela are not principled idealists seeking to establish the "Truth" at the expense of legal pragmatics. They perceive a very real danger. I've had my share of experience with attorneys. There are lawyers and then there are lawyers. Unfortunately, a fair number routinely make serious mistakes, blow off their clients and treat legal matters like a task that can be done 'by the numbers.' True, legal matters can be insanely detailed, but cases like this are war, deadly serious with conditions that demand flexibility and imagination. Generals who rely on predictable strategies usually end up on the ash heap. This demands teamwork and the best legal minds available. We will all pay a very heavy price if the militant Islamic community is able to get to this young woman. This is not an OJ circus. There is no place for egos, big, small or otherwise.
Tarazi and associates have reneged on virtually every "agreement" they've made. Why bother? Hasn't anybody learned anything? Any agreement with them isn't worth a roll of used 'tissue.' Doesn't anybody know how to make enforceable agreements or are enforceable agreements (as in subject to contempt rulings, fines and judgments) just for schm*cks i.e. average stupid Americans? Has our judicial environment become that 'nuanced'? If anyone can get through to Rifqa they need to inform her that there are some highly competent attorneys that have expressed an interest in representing her.
and why do so many tiptoe around this issue over 65 years after the fact? because we're addicted to the stinking oil from the Persian Gulf, and Indonesia, and Nigeria, and Libya, and Venezuela and . . . Global warming won't destroy our civilization, depending on oil from murderous demoniacs will. Never forget Never Surrender Never Again!!!
Hi John Jay, This is certainly a day for high fives, this stunning upset in Mass. and also the dependency ruling in Ohio. I've read all your posts and contributions on Atlas and at the very least your insights have provided encouragement and maybe a whole lot more. I'm sure many would say 'thank you.' This is no time to rest however. We've diverted a marauding bear, and this bear is wounded. I was rattled out of my inaction by the Rifqa case. Donated, wrote many letters, went to the rally in Nov. (Pamela is twice as charismatic in person as on her blog.) We need to think about protecting victims, protecting our own and protecting the protectors, and their property. I'm in the upper Midwest (first two letters of my handle is my state abbr.), but general principles should apply. I'm thinking you can access my e-mail address as a blog owner. Like to hear from you. DE
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there is a time for everything a time to be born, a time to die . . a time to weep and a time to laugh . . a time to embrace and a time to refrain . . a time to be silent and a time to speak . . a time to love and a time to hate a time for war and a time for peace (Eccl 3) Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey preaching peace and war came Christian eschatology says he comes back on a war horse, carrying a sword and it will bring peace turning your cheek can sometimes win the most vicious personal enemy but under no circumstances are we told to offer our daughters, grandchildren or our neighbors' to monsters in the name of "peace." That is rank, unforgivable cowardice. It is time for war.
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