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George Bernard Shaw??? You're promoting a movie made by a man who hated God? A eugenist and socialist who's rotten and evil ideology has brought death to hundreds of millions of people including Jews? Come now, you're known for being more discerning than this. Remember Joshua 24:14-15, one cannot love the world and the Lord. One cannot serve God and be in fellowship with those opposed to God. - this one can be found at and here Maybe he's cranky because he's hungry??? - Richard Mailman, producer for MSNs Appetite For Life. - This one is lazy, wants others to do research for him. German-speaking, homosexual activist retaliating against Mormons.
Let's not forget that Obama also let the Jihadi who blew up the USS COle loose and some other homicidal maniacs from Club Gitmo.
Carlson was a fine warrior too. But who's side was he fighting for? Stalin and the Soviets, just like his buddy Stilwell. It's been reported today that McChrystal banned Fox News from his HQ televisions. What does this say about the general? I think we have another Statist here.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2010 on Why McChrystal was fired at BlackFive
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Does that also apply to every soldier who swore the same oath from all branches? Of course, obeying the oath is not optional is it? I wasn't implying that he quit because Obama is a Commie, my comment was in reference to his voting for Obama. Could it be that he's been too busy to pay attention to politics? Maybe for regular guys but not for flag officers/generals. We've had Commie generals since the Civil War, no matter there heroism in combat and leadership skill, it's not ok to be one or support them in the USA. I thought highly of General Casey until the Fort Hood shootings then began to figure out that the marxists got into the military schools too. God help us!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2010 on Looks Like Yon Was Right at BlackFive
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Is McChrystal an idiot or anti-American? He took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic yet he voted for a 3rd generation Red Diaper Baby, a Communist. Communism, Statism, Socialism, etc. are completely at odds with the US Constitution and America's Judeo-Christian values. It is literally the difference between God and Satan, Good and Evil. -swathdiver
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2010 on Looks Like Yon Was Right at BlackFive
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I bet these are Commie Jews. Wolves in sheeps clothing to deceive the ignorant and create soundbites for our Marxist Media.
First we have to remove the Commies in the Federal government, then we'll be able to blast the Islamo-Nazis back into their 7th century caves. The democrat Party as currently constituted with Statists of all stripes is a far more serious threat than Islam; the democrats are empowering them just as they did the Soviets for near 70 years.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on "Retired Foreign Service" at Atlas Shrugs
If I threw things at my tv when Bill put forth false premises (logical fallacies) or did as he did last night I'd go through 3 TVs a NIGHT! Before that segment he was presenting Obama's agenda on regulating Wall Street at face value. We ALL know that it's false and Stossell was right on the money. Anyone ever notice Bill is ALWAYS advocating for Government to make laws to "protect the folks"? I say FOX swap times slots with the 5PMer. PS. Colmes used to be a pretty fair guy until right before the 2004 elections. Then with each passing night he became more and more radical and illogical. Guess he finally finished reading the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Hannity was right to dump him from the show, he was a real drag and MSLSD seems a more fitting place for that Satanic Marxist.
This gerrymandered district is a tough nut to crack because of its dependence on the elderly Jewish vote. It kept a guy who lived in Maryland in office representing these people for 13 years (Wexler). The citizens who get out and vote, the elderly cared more for their Social Security and Medicare entitlements then the fate of their children, America or Israel last time I saw one of his meetings. Lynch tirelessly met with them on a regular basis and while they liked him and generally agreed with him, they were still more worried about their entitlements. The lie that Republicans are out to take away their benefits after 50 years has taken root. Hopefully in the year since my last visit Lynch and Obama have opened their eyes and enough of them will vote for Ed over the Godless Obama statist, Deutch. Neighboring District 22 is more moderate and Allen West will thoroughly trounce Comrade Ron Klein come November! Go West!
Islam goal like Communism's is world domination. These Statist political movements are insurgent and incompatible with Democratically elected governments such as the United States. Operating freely within the confines of the United States for example, they will continually seek to destroy this country from within, not exist peacefully within it. This idiocy has brought us Dingy Harry, Mother Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama.
Mandela is a Commie and that's why the libtards in America love him and his ilk. This is why the country does not value human life and promotes genocide and torture. How's that hope and change working out for South Africa?
Pamela, These churches were infiltrated and turned away from the Bible nearly a 100 years ago. The preach secular humanism now.
Pamela, Let's not forget that Code Pink is a Communist front group. American Communists which include Comrade Presidente Obama are once again aligned with the (Islamo)NAZIs to further their tyrannical goals. The Commies are the brains and the Islamo-Nazis the braun. If we are to survive, we must defeat the former before we can effectively deal with the latter. Putting the Islamo-nazis back into their caves is easy compared with cutting out the cancer of marxist-leninism; it may well require another revolution to eradicate them. -swathiver!
Islam like Marxist-Leninism cannot exist in the light of truth. This is why muslims and islamists oppose and attack those critical of their form of Statism. As for Art, one of the goals set forth by American Communists in the 1930s was to wreck it, to prop up garbage as art. Look at the buildings, autos and the way people dressed 50-100 years ago compared to today. Pamela, the revisions to the website look great and it loads faster too! Still find it a pain to log in and comment though.
If Soros didn't approve of Obama for President, Obama wouldn't have been President. Soros owns the Democrat Party. Bought it back in the 1990s and solidified control in early 2000s with the Clintons. However, it appears Soros through Hillary under the bus for Obama or the Clinton's still control things from Shadow Party HQ away from the public eye. Never underestimate the Clintons! Soros is EVIL and if I were POTUS I would have the "men with green faces" pay him a 3am visit!