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Laura Wilson
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I think mirror repeats are fun, but tricky to make look balanced and interesting. So, I'd love to see a mirror repeat challenge, although that alone is too broad, so you'd have to narrow it down more. Maybe throw in another color requirement, or starting image, or, say - mirror repeats and paisleys.
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once we have already submitted our design, can we tweak it, and upload a revision?
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ooh, lots of good ideas - especially doll panels, alphabet, and fairy tales. how about: small scale designs color schemes? (everyone loves aqua) children's abstract/damask - there are already lots of good ones on spoonflower job/work related (sewing, office, books, etc.)
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ouch - I'm surprised the community didn't notice more quickly, since Yasmine's work is so notable. I'd like to give the offender party the benefit of the doubt, but it isn't looking good. A professional photographer should know better.
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