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laura nicholson
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Thanksgiving or Harvest would both be the next obvious seasonal direction. But of the ideas submitted I like the dolls and the words best
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As a textile designer who depends upon a known original style to provide much of my income, I have been nervous about having my designs posted as public on Spoonflower; it is a tossup as to whether one wants the exposure or the risk. To show designs to a group of design-hungry people who will be influenced by what they see is always a risk. I have more than once thought that the designs featured in the fabric-of-the-week contests, if not out & out knockoffs, owe a great deal to trend: many are not very original. I view it all as a forum. But I do appreciate Spoonflower's efforts to make downloadable thumbnails too small to be useful. This sad event is a useful opportunity to discuss a very real issue in our easily accessed digital world.
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