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From my point of view we need to frame this conversation with the background that many experts believe we've left the information age and moved into a "connected age". The "Connected age" designates a societal shift from valuing information to valuing meaningful relationships, association and connectedness. If you are observing this shift, then my point of view might make sense to you: In our connected world, it's no longer good enough to just have a great product. People want to know what you stand for, after all they are supporting the lifestyle and the vision of the artist though their financial contributions. In a connected world we've started to move past consuming: in that folks want to participate in the products and brands they get behind, they want to be in a relationship of authenticity with a brand, artist or an cause. For those with the courage to nurture authentic relationship with their fan base incredible things can happen and do happen. It's those who aspire to use celebrity to enable the "one night stand" lifestyle that will get left out in the cold by a changing world. In this way I agree with Bruce, that the techniques artists must employ today to earn a living are not that far off what Aritst have had to for hundreds of years. Find their rabid fans, get to know what makes them tick, then tickle them pink! It's interesting to distinguish that this conversation seems fitting for artists who have achieved a critical mass of awareness. It is unclear to me to what extent an emerging artist can employ these tools to achieve break though. Once break-though has been achieved, it would seem that social media is a great way to nurture authentic relationship with a fan base. I believe that the million dollar question is this: "How can a emerging artist achieve sufficient awareness to reach the mainstream market without the push of a record label or old school radio promotion? Regards, nappyd
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