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Recent Activity Also, have you read this great essay by Michael Hirschorn on 'quirk'? it was fun. complements your thoughts some.
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I thought you might be interested in another culture maker and an analysis of their sense of life. You have probably already heard of this, but it's a gem: David Marc discusses the creators (culture makers from back in the day) of 60s and 70s crime and sitcom programming, as well as their own particular metaphysical checklist. Examples are Quinn Martin and Paul Henning. They ensured a certain style in their hits such as the Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones, etc. I have the book in storage, otherwise I'd give you the exact page - but there is actually a table that lists precisely the same 'grammer' you list here for USA. It was riveting, tremendous, a gem. This post here reminded me very much of that book. If you haven't come upon it, you might like it, because I just discovered this site (Scouts seem an awful like like early adopters to me) and Marc's book is about how TV is the cultural maker and surface symbol of our democracy. In other words, how TV and its creators are culture makers, and then discusses very accessibly their templates. Give it a look someday.
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