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The Golden Rule says it all for me: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Or to sum it up in one word: Kindness. I also try to live my own life by this creed: Err on the side of Love.
-Any idea if Zimmerman's personal car/truck was marked with a 'Neighborhood Watch" decal?
It seems to me that Trayvon was not aware that Zimmerman was any type of neighborhood watchman. Asking several young males (teens & young adults), they say that they too would be very wary of someone following them as they walked alone, the teens especially. Machismo being what it is, not every 17yr old son calls home to report this. Some would try to 'tough it out', some would run (thereby ensuring they are 'guilty' of whatever), some would turn around & walk in another direction. And a few would try to get in the first blow when the guy (creep to them) gets out of his car!
Just wondering - so many reports say that Zimmerman continued to 'pursue' AFTER being told to stop by the dispatcher...then some reports make it sound as if Zimmerman DID quit upon being told. Which is it? anyone know?
Two points I just thought of: #1) Many teenage boys want to appear tough, especially to their COULD be that Trayvon turned back to confront Zimmerman for that reason. #2) Does Zimmerman have a background of actually confronting perceived burglars? Has he ever beaten/shot at any before? IMHO, this was a horrible accident, nothing racist about it at all. If Trayvon had been Hispanic or White, Zimmerman probably would have behaved the same. This is why neighborhood watch patrols should MARK THEIR CARS! If Trayvon saw such an emblem on Z's vehicle, all would have been different.
Google Brian Dorian & also Gary Amaya. Anyone remember the so-called Honeybee Killer in NW Indiana in Oct 2010? Everyone had Dorian tried & convicted in their minds; then BAM! Amaya was killed in Dec 2010, and turns out to be the guilty guy. That was a real eye-opener to me. Never think you know it all. ZORN REPLY -- Good point.
Just curious...anyone know the # of female abortionists? I once read that there were none. Wonder why? One would think a female medical doctor (one who also performs abortions) would speak out against this 'probe' requirement? ZORN REPLY -- You could try to look this up as easily as any of the rest of us. I'm told by NARAL in Virginia that a Republican state lawmaker who is an OB/GYN is opposed to the bill. I didn't check that out, however. If you're curious, google around, Knock yourself out.
Oh cut the guy some least he didn't smoke a cigar with an intern in the office...I mean, what does character have to do with job performance?
When some believe that the Constitution is a 'living, breathing' document, I wonder...does that thinking apply to all contracts? Just curious.
I believe that murderers should be put to death and was prepared to 'dislike' those named as helping to change the law...then I thought "hey these are people I would want to know IF I (or one of my family) was wrongly accused. Yes it is natural to want to see those who kill, be killed. However the kicker is IS IT THE RIGHT ONE? Since we don't have magical powers, I suppose LWOP will have to long as it truly means NO PAROLE EVER!
Dienne posted "public v. private doesn't make a whole lot of difference".... How true. and how sad that so many of our politicians seem to be drawn from the pool of idiots that we all knew back in our school days. Does the job attract those types?
I am on the fence regarding dibs. Years ago, we walked several blocks to shovel out the spot for my in-laws (dad-in-law had bypass surg & we did not want him to attempt to do this as he was a bit hard-headed). As soon as we did this, we went home to shovel our own & assist neighbors with shoveling. WOULD you believe that in-laws' neighbor TOOK that spot? NOT everyone is nice & good & thoughtful, there ARE mean & lazy & nasty people out there. My husband walked back (just about RAN steaming all the way!!) as soon as his mom called, and told this ignoramus in no uncertain terms, to MOVE his car or he would shovel it back in AND pour water over the entire pile! Neighbor complied. Now I ask your opinion.
---Chris: "But that was a term of the job when accepted--no one forced that reservist to join the reserves, right? Could have elected to not join the reserves and not be subject to call up, correct?" Same is true of Rahm becoming Chief of Staff.
The requirements for Presidency does not stop with natural born, one must also be 35 & lived 14 years in US. Why? Can we the people elect a 30 yr old and expect him/her to be sworn in, since we the people have spoken?
Funny how this law wasn't challenged before this. How many other talented deserving folks were kept off ballots? Perhaps a doctor went to volunteer in Haiti for 2 years...worthy motive right? Or a person went elsewhere for the job that fed his family...again, worthy motive. Who will sit in judgement over reasons? it is not like Rahm was elected to govt service. As much as I would like to see him on the ballot, I must agree with the others who say change the law (if possible) first, then let him run. Not the other way around. Didn't we have enough trouble with trying to determine intent (hanging chads)? Also, just an aside to a poster about kids not changing schools mid-year...Military families do this all the time.
Must correct poster 'Brian'...a single person making $100K, minus both standard deduction (5700) and personal exemption (3650) = taxable income about $90K, federal tax due about $19,000. Not 24,000, although what's another 5 grand?
Oh come now Mr Zorn, you cannot seriously think that only the right-wing has loonies? What about all those nasty signs about Bush a few yrs ago; way too many to dismiss!
I disagree that 'it's hard to deny that nearly all of these nut jobs identify more closely with positions held by Republicans'. I believe that there are equal ratios of nut jobs in both parties. Media now reporting that Palin has death threats online...where will this end? Politics has always been a loud ornery mess of opinions; however I feel that the climate changed during the Bush/Gore recounts. I recall reading & seeing comments about Bush that were way beyond civility. It almost became stylish to do so, and dangerous to speak up for him! Let's see if this sentence: 'I LIKE PALIN & BUSH' , inspires any namecalling. ZORN REPLY -- It'll be interesting to see if those death threats are investigated and back to whom they trace. It's actually fairly hard to post such things anonymously....and I'm wondering if this might not be the online equivalent of someone throwing a brick through his favorite candidate's window in order to gin up sympathy. Let me know if arrests are made.
I agree 100%. Years ago, when my children started using that obnoxious term 'that sucks', I had them think up about a dozen decent alternative words, stuck them on the fridge, and insisted we use those instead. Vulgarity & obscenity only (to me) cheapens the person using it. Even tho I slip up at times, I try hard. In fact, I would rather be called a 'prude' (defn: excessively concerned with being proper/virtuous/modest) instead of 'potty mouth' (the very image of that makes me cringe). I blame society's push on the importance of being 'cool' instead of 'outdated'. Why else do people buy new clothes (they don't need) every year?
A few questions to various posters: *Mr Zorn, you write 'Liberals believe government should strive to treat people -- esp. taxpayers -- fairly'. As for myself, I believe government should strive to treat people equally. *Paul, you write 'higher income people pay a disproportionately higher percentage of taxes, as they should'... Can you please tell me exactly why 'they should'? *Dienne, you write 'even $250,000aires - all those people who claimed they'd be in soup lines if their tax cuts were allowed to expire. What have any of them had to "suck up"?' Perhaps they did their 'sucking up' while learning & working hard to make that $250K.
OH MR ZORN, I was sincerely looking forward to your reply to 'gerry' (posted Sat 1:50p) and you bring up divorce!
To Dienne who posted: '... I think gays and lesbians should be entitled to marriage. Unless we're going to convert all marriages to civil unions...' I think that all heterosexual 'marriages' are in effect, just civil unions. You can do what you want in any religious manner you wish, but if you don't have that license, your 'ceremony' carries no legal weight. Likewise, if you obtain the license but don't have any ceremony, you are united in the eyes of the law. I still believe that the majority of people don't give a rat's patootie about gay unions, but they object to the re-defining of the word 'marriage'. Using the term 'civil unions' for everyone seems like the best answer.
Mr Zorn, I frequently disagree with you, however I agree with you on this. As you said 'there is a time for idealism and a time for realism'. Also your comment that voting for one who is sure to lose is a surefire way to 'potentially advantage the least best of the two plausible candidates'. Does anyone really want to do that? I approve this message. OMG, to never hear that again...........
It may be worthwhile to read Lysander Spooner's work, An Essay on the Trial by Jury (1852). Perhaps people need to realize the power of the jury, which is to judge the law in every single criminal case, and to decide regardless of the wishes or demands of the judge or anyone else. The jury has the power to render a final verdict for which they cannot be punished.
I sincerely hope this lone juror remains silent. I find it disgusting to read everyone's take on her decision. She has no reason to explain anything to anyone! And Mr Zorn, I wonder what you mean when you write: ' We can't let jurors do this. ' ZORN REPLY -- No, you wouldn't want an explanation, now, would you? What I mean by what I wrote is perfectly clear, isn't it? We can't let jurors decide what the law should be. What part of that don't you understand?