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<>I am in Calgary, I bought a home here a little over 2 years ago. I had to go through Accredited because my company was still new. The market has changed a lot here, my House appraised at $399K then, and now $357K. I put 15% down (little over $44K - every penny I had/have) Today my mortgage amount is around $336K which gives me less than 5% equity. Because Accredited will not be refinancing I need to get a NEW mortgage elsewhere. My company has been established long enough now I CAN refinance at a much more manageable rate (I have 7.35% and I can get 3.5% now) HOWEVER because there is now less than 5% equity the banks will not refinance the House. over 24 payment on the Mortgage and flawless credit....and I am looking at now loosing the house....any one have any insight for me ?