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Thinkin' about you today, Cath, and how very well you *are* handling things. You're moving forward in the midst of all these obstacles. I think sometimes that we "survivors" are blessed to have a willful spirit(drove my mother crazy) that keeps popping up in the face of adversity. Remember those life-sized punching dolls of our childhood? Keep punching away and back they came, just like us. Sending love, lots of it, from your Southern soul sister
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Oh, gosh, Cath...*way* too much going on. You can only do what is feasible and reasonable given the limit of hours in a day. It's just not feasible that everything gets done by you alone. Time to figure out what tasks can be subcontracted - and getting the house cleaned comes up on the top of the list. You should not have to deal with *anything* that can be ported out to someone else at this point. Your health, sanity and ability to help Larry is at stake. I don't like other people coming in to clean once a month - I have to take the dogs out and it's a big hassle. But I do it, because in the end, it is heaven to come home to a clean house. Is this possible for you? It will help save your sanity, believe me...Sending sisterly love and always concern..Nik
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2009 on Misc. news at Well, it's not going to kill you
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Oh my God, Cath...this is unbelieveable. Reminds me of a bad Starsky and Hutch..:-(
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