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Space Monkey XD
Latvia, Jurmala (but my sence is somewhere in Spain) XD
Do you really want to know THAT, silly?
Interests: writing poetry, star trek, drawing, playing piano, house md, getting to know new people, composing music, making people insane xd, watching heroes duuuh *3*, zachary quinto *33333* >.<, riding my super awesome old bike xd.
Recent Activity
Oh don't feel bad! I can't finish the 3-rd season properly. So that makes me feel bad too! But Oh F* ck i have ssoooo little time!! It always study study study!!! *i think my brain just made i suicide* Oo
Space Monkey XD added a photo at Zachary Quinto
Hello ya All! Nice to meet you, pretty ones!! Which one from all of you is till alive while waiting the new Heroes series? Personally, im barely hanging ... i can't feel my brain! XDDD *3*
Sep 21, 2009