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Bradford on Avon
usually found muddy, in gumboots in a garden in Wiltshire...or directing a play.
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Very loosely. Forget quiet and relaxing. Think extreme gardening :-) and Vive la revolution!
I can help you out with the 20 grand slurry tank question - but you wouldn't want to know. Really. Good place to put the pushy parents though.
I don't hate you....much!:-)
It worries me that you have mentioned glamourous grannies, animal print clothing, Prosecco and the Rolling Stones in a single blogpost. Slippery slope!
Never seen LYG but anything that gets people using their gardens has to be good. Hope you don't spend every waking hour hovering in your borders with the secateurs and a pink trug in case anyone turns up ;-) Go Archie!
I AM one of life's rebels. No. Don't roll your eyes in that *tell me something I don't know* way. This is a fab way to spend a rainy day - and another, even with the memory lapse problems. Sylvanian families can drive you bonkers. I've banned them.Everyone should make seed bombs. Lets have a party. Guerilla gardening rules! Balaclavas at the ready....
I dread to think what they'd make of our school garden. Last year's *triumph* (did you see what I did there?) was the use of old bras to support squash growing in thepolytunnel!
We're rather slow on the uptake in Wilts. They are still *safari* suppers here. Our biggest and best is New Year's Eve. I wore a pith helmet once. Everyone was too English to comment on it! BTW it's the middle of Spring already if you're a Celt. *puts on another vest*
Like, like, like this 'longbarrow'- despite a childhood devoid of flatness in every respect on Preseli Hills. Hill starts were covered in the first driving lesson!
Sadly my three would make too much noise to be in secret opps but I like the idea of crossing things off the to do list.We blagged a load of logs as 'seating area for the gardening club' recently. Have already seen service as step aerobics arena for time pressed mums,debating chamber and stage.
Genius! Am off to shamelessly copy on the potting shed at school now that I'm back in circulation after Pride and Prejudice and holiday walking the South Downs. Cally :-)
Hi Dawn, Great minds and all that...raspberry canes in here this weekend when I emerged briefly from my Jane Austen parallel universe. I quite liked Toby's boots. Wonder how he might look in the full Mr Darcy ensemble......... I had the best ever Mother's Day present...... a load of manure and two big lads to shift it!!
Wish I was Lillian but I'm more Jill Archer with a smattering of Clarrie Grundy and Kate Aldridge thrown in for good measure. Work that one out! I am happy to direct the panto celebration though... provided it doesn't clash with Pride and Prejudice of course.
How awful. Glad you've got your fighting spirit though and that your faith has been restored by the kindness of your neighbours. Thinking of you and sending lots of love. C x
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on Gutted at Being Creative
Great job Dawn!Do please let me in to the secret of keeping hand me down wellies so pristine. Apprentice number 3 is currently sporting a pair that would do justice to a young Harold Steptoe.C x
OOH. Yes please Jane.I am not a natural needlewoman (fashioning costumes for the entire family for school Victorian Day nearly finished me off) but with this book I might give it a whirl. Cally x
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2009 on Giveaway at Snapdragon's garden
Fab idea. it warms the cockles of my heart to know there are other Mums who leave the painting till tomorrow (or the next day).if you've read my blog recently you'll know I'm drowning in a sea of conkers. So if you need a few more to complete the look just holler.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2009 on A Little Autumnal Shrine at Carrots and Kids
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Had to go in for a spot of sunflower subterfuge this year when apprentice 2's sunflowers failed.A bit like guerilla gardening on your own plot. Don't think I'll get away with it next year. Results were gloriously showy,though short and rotund.How's the school run this week? Child-pumpkin substitution works.My octopus child (now 9)stopped clinging and is now writing birthday wishlists along the tent, penknife, bicycle repair kit, night vision goggles line.
Sadly NOT, Jane. Don't like to criticisie anybody's attempts to grow something in their front gardens but have never been a fan of red, pink and yellow too close together unless in something really wacky which this isn't. Think I'd be limbo dancing to get past the hanging baskets too. I rather liked the bay tree boobs!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2009 on Hot Plot or Not? Number 4 at Horticultural