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AJ, Credit should go to them both or none for the whole, and either\or for their respective roles. Great post, food for thought in all this.
will join you, 11.10 in the UK too. chris
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I firmly believe FTTH would enable many more people to work from home, especially in rural areas. As the obsolete copper lines hitting exchanges in the UK get more congested and slow I see many people now having to return to the town to work, whereas last year they were working from home. I see rural businesses relocating their premises in order to compete with rivals - faster connections mean efficiency and competitiveness. I would be very interested if any data on this becomes available, as it will be a growing problem until we all get fibre. chris
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2009 on FTTH encourages homeworking at Fiberevolution
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would love to join you but rural digitalbritain is still on dial up. have a great time on One Web Day, and think of us.If BT have their way with BET they are going to bond copper lines to get us 2 meg. sad or wot? We need fibre, please help...
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