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Connors does not have a contract. He serves at the pleasure, or displeasure, of the City Manager. White Plains has an opening. According to Otis and Culross, Connors is so over qualified he should have no problem getting the White Plains job or any job for that matter. On another front Rye needs to get rid of Plunkett ASAP before he becomes eligible for lifetime health insurance and a lifetime pension paid for by the Rye taxpayers.
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If I was Suzy "Weekend at Bernies" Oppenheimer I would be looking over my shoulder. Definition of garbage: Any matter that is no longer wanted or needed; trash. Anything that is contemptibly worthless, inferior, or vile. Worthless talk; lies; foolishness. My translation: Culross, Connors and Plunkett.
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Dear Eat Mr. Floatie and Enjoy it: Sounds like your son is taking after his dad in wanting to become an erect penis. You should be proud. Now at the Council meetings we will have a big turd dressed up as Mr. Floatie who represents Otis and his non actions and your son dressed up as an erect penis representing that you love kids.
Dear Eat Mr. Floatie and like it: While I have no idea why you enjoy eating Mr. Flaotie so much, like it or not, our kids are learning about Mr. Floatie, MyRye, Mr. Schubert and the effects they have had on our community. Rye High School teachers are teaching our kids about civics, government and how to bring about change and MyRye, Mr. Schubert and Mr. Floatie are a part of the lesson plan. MyRye, Mr. Schubert and Mr. Floatie have forced positive changes to the way our government responds to us as a community. That is a good thing. Why did it have to be forced?
Has Me Me conducted an investigation into the City Hall shenanigans as highlighted by the Journal News yet? Did the informal and improper investigation that Me Me and Plunkett did impede and obstruct any potential for a real investigation?
I hear that French routed Me Me Otis in the Rye Sound Shore Review poll. How convenient that those poll numbers have not been posted for all to see. Everyone is tired of Me Me Otis's circus. He has to go along with his circus clowns Culross, Connors, Plunkett, Nodarse and Pickup. We will have to clean up the elephant dung they leave behind, but it will be worth it to rid ourselves of Me Me Otis and these clowns.
Bob: Thank you for pointing out how clueless you really are when it comes to employee morale and contract negotiations. I can see why the teachers negotiations are in their third year. Morale is more about respect, fairness and equality than it will ever be about money. I believe you are abusing your position by trying to negotiate a contract in the press.
To Average Citizen: Regardless of where the fault lies in this horrific tragedy, the non response from Connors, Shew, Culross and Otis to numerous valid citizen's complaints concerning our children's safety, in my opinion is gross misconduct, malfeasance and misfeasance. To Bob Zahm: Thank you for your resolve in bringing these dangerous conditions to this unresponsive City of Rye management and City Council. I can see you share in our frustration in trying to get them to take action. It has not been easy. If Otis gets in he will shut us out again for 4 more years. I think you would make an excellent member of the City Council and hope you will run in 2011.
Charmian: Are you related to Westchester Judge Robert Neary? I believe I read that when Neary was a prosecutor he was one of the prosecutors in the Deskovic rape/murder case. That was the case where Mr. Deskovic spent 15 years in jail as an innocent man. I believe I read in the NY Times where you were the alleged victim of an alleged sexual harassment while working up in Albany? Did you ever run into Otis up there? Anyway, I am sure you can sympathize with the alleged victims of the alleged sexual abuse victim and alleged rape victim of Rye Police Lt. John McCarthy as well as the alleged victim of alleged sexual abuse committed by Rye Police Lt. Joe Verille.
Charmian: Me Me Otis and friends (Culross, Shew, Connors and Novak do not listen to the residents while ignoring their very real concerns and appeals. Case in point is the dangerous traffic and pedestrian safety issues around the Rye High School and Middle School. Now that a woman lost her life this afternoon in front of the Rye High School, maybe they will. Unfortunately for this woman, it is too late. Fortunately, it is not too late to vote Mi Mi Otis out before someone else is seriously hurt or killed on his watch.
Dear Chamain: If the video of this event had been televised, as promised by Me Me Otis, there would be no dispute as to what Ball said or didn't say. Why hasn't Me Me Otis put this event and the other political forums on RCTV yet? Is he afraid it puts him in a bad light and he doesn't want the voters to see it? This is probably just another abuse of power by Me Me Otis who says he wants open and transparent government but doesn't really mean it. Can someone please pass me the some cheese and another glass of wine?
The article says he got dizzy, hit a telephone pole and then drove down an embankment. It didn't say anything about his vision being bad. Perhaps you should contact the NYSDMV about this before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. I'll bet Suzy's husband has driven this road thousands of times and he crashes at 10:00 in the morning. All of a sudden he drives off the Boston Post Road into a telephone pole? Thank God Susy's husband didn't kill somebody. Otis may have had to repaint the lines again on Boston Post Road. Was DMV notified by his doctor or by the Police Department or by Me Me Otis about this episode of Susie's husband falling ill while driving?
After Jovanovich criticized salary and benefit raises, Ball suggested the comment was overblown, pointing out raises last year for staff totaled $19,000. Are you kidding me???? Otis, Ball and the rest of our City Council gave Shew a $19,000 raise in just one day in 2008. It must have been for all the commuting Shew had to do back and forth from Massachusetts. Needing a car, gas, insurance and tolls are very expensive. Oh I'm sorry, we paid for all of that too. Me Me Otis has proven time again that he does not possess the good judgement needed to run Rye in a smart, open, transparent and safe way. Perhaps when Me Me Otis loses the election, Otis can become Suzy Oppenheimer's husbands driver. He apparently may need one. I believe when someone becomes dizzy, passes out or has seizures while driving and causes an accident the Doctor is mandated to make a report to the NYSDMV. Many times, like when Rye Police Lt. Verille had seizures, NYSDMV revokes the license of the driver. Look how fast Me Me Otis was able to respond to something that involved a political friend and about someone who happened to be his boss's husband.
Even a Jack Ass can see that Otis is lying on that video. Me Me Otis is a disgrace.
Why do you think the Village of Mamaroneck, the Village of Dobbs Ferry and the Village of Irvington all got rid of Plunkett? It seems very obvious to me that Otis's appointment of Plunkett, and the awarding of $100,000's of thousands in legal fees by Me Me to Plunket, are either political payback or for Me Me to seek out political favor with our money. I love soon to be Mayor French's idea. There is absolutely no accountability or transparency now from Me Me.
More and more Rye taxpayers are seeing Me Me Otis for what he really is. A self serving, self absorbed, non-transparent, no accountability politician who wants to play dress up and be the City Manager. Me Me Otis has damaged Rye's reputation, its standing and its financial stability with his poor judgement and the paying back of political favors. Shew couldn't keep any of the many jobs he had prior to Me Me Otis bringing this no show idiot to Rye. Shew never qualified for a pension or medical benefits at any of his many previous jobs. So what does Me Me Otis do? Me Me Otis brings Shew to Rye and after only 5 years Shew gets lifetime medical and 2 very nice lifetime pensions paid for by us taxpayers. Me Me Otis did the exact same thing for Suzy Morrison so she could get a lifetime pension and lifetime medical after only 5 years of service. Me Me Otis is using our money to pay off his friends and his political debts. Me Me Otis has overstayed his welcome in Rye and needs to go.
Here are the minutes from the June 14, 2006 Rye City Council meeting where Otis promises the Amicos something would be done in response to the tragic death of their son Jarrid. In addition, the Zahm family speaks at the meeting to address their concerns over their child's safety when walking to school. Three years later and Otis, Shew, Culross and Connors still have not properly addressed the risks our kids are facing by simply going to school. As I watched the news tonight once again Rye and the ineptness of Otis and the clowns he employs have unnecessarily shown Rye in a negative light because of their uncaring, unresponsive and irresponsible way of running this City.
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Dear Ray: The only thing I can think of is perhaps they mistook you for former Rye Police Lieutenant John McCarthy. McCarthy had allegations of Rape and Sexual Abuse made against him. The Rye Police Department Administration didn't even question McCarthy as to his possible involvement even though a female Police Cadet was one of the alleged victims. They violated their own procedures and compromised the criminal investigation. As a comparison, when someone reported there was feces on the wall in the men's room, Connors did a full blown investigation questioning cops, reviewing videotapes, reviewing activity reports and eventually finding some cops unjustly guilty for some unrelated petty B.S. and they were unfairly disciplined. Imagine what the cops must think when they have to watch this circus every day with the head clown Connors, complete with clown Shews and all, running the show.
Average Citizen: The Rye cops are the best in the business. They always do a great job. Unfortunately, the Rye Police Department is led by an incompetent, out of touch idiot who does not know how to properly deploy the cops in a safe and efficient way. His 3 Lieutenants are equally worthless. Connors has an obsessiveness to conduct investigations on cops for only doing their job and then handing out undeserved and uneven discipline with intimidation and control always being his motivation. No one can perform at their peak in this kind of environment no matter what job they have. Otis, Culross and the Rye City Council know this and refuse to address it the only reasonable way, by firing Connors.
Average Citizen: Here is my inside knowledge that is well known by Otis, Culross and the Rye City Council: There are basically no cops on the road from 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. when your children and my children are walking, bicycling or driving to the RHS and RMS. Cops can't write tickets if they are not on the road patrolling. The Rye cops have been bringing this to the attention of Connors, Culross, Shew and Otis for years and they have been ignored. Why? A work slowdown? Not even close. We have a bunch of idiots running our City and our Police Department. Connors, Culross, Shew and Otis are all guilty of placing our kids in harms way for no other reason than to continue their union animus. Connors also has a history of abusing his power of investigation to selectively go after members of the Rye Police Department who do not agree with him or who stand up to and point out his stupidity. The cops cannot turn to Culross, Otis and the Rye City Council because they have all made it very clear that Connors actions, inactions, incompetence and stupidity are all O.K. with them. The ignoring by Otis and the Rye City Council and the investigations abuse by Connors leaves a pall of uncertainty over the entire department. Coupled with Connors placing the members of the department in harms way many times, and morale has been crippled. You want to improve morale? Get rid of Connors. He is a cancer that needs to be eradicated as soon as possible.
Bob: I watched your recent presentation to the Rye City Council on how unsafe it is to get to our schools. You said there is not enough enforcement of the traffic laws now and that you want increased enforcement. Do you think the extremely low morale at the Rye Police Department, brought on by the incompetence and idiocy of a clueless Police Commissioner and his administration, is playing a role in this? Are you aware of the overwhelming Vote of No Confidence that Connors received from the overwhelming majority of the members of the Rye Police Department in April 2008? I wouldn't blame you if you weren't aware of it because Otis, Shew and Culross apparently are not aware of it either because they have yet to address it. Connors is a waste and needs to go. I cannot think of any redeeming qualities that he may possess as it relates to this community. If Otis, Culross and Shew have no problem with this idiot Connors than it is time to get rid of Otis and Culross. Unfortunately for you and everyone else in this community, our children still remain at risk to injury or death by simply going to school because of years of inaction by Otis and his cohorts. Did the Chairman of the Traffic and Transportation Committee make your feel any better about our traffic safety issues?
Dear Bob: Thank you for your response. It was very informative and it sounds to me like we have a lot of the same goals, mainly safety for our kids. While I am concerned for safety around the entire City of Rye, I have been focusing on the traffic debacle around the Rye High School and Rye Middle School. In addition to what I have preciously blogged with regard to dangerous conditions around RHS/RMS, there are no sidewalks on the east side of North Street near Old Post Road and all the way down Old Post Road to the Boston Post Road. Also, there is no crosswalk on North Street at Old Post Road. I wish you luck in your endeavors with the current unresponsive and uncaring City of Rye management as well as a Rye City Council who refuse to hold them accountable. The blog name Mimi Otis is meant to bring attention to two things. 1. The self centeredness of our Mayor. 2. In my opinion our Mayor has become a capon.
Dear Bob: While you are free to call my facts rhetoric, your response affirms exactly what I said. You and your fellow Rye School Board members, the Rye City Council, the City Manager and the Police Commissioner have done absolutely nothing about the dangerous condition that occurs every single school day at the Rye High/Rye Middle School. Someone is going to get seriously injured and or killed there and it will be on yours and your colleagues watch. I hope it is not one of your kids. I really hope it is not one of mine. I guess if a car carrying a child to school collides head on with another car at this location and someone gets seriously hurt or killed, that would be ok by your standards. That is disgraceful. If what you say is true about taking up positions about traffic safety, you are at best ineffective and a non leader. Maybe if you did something about this dangerous condition, before another child is struck and seriously injured or another child is killed, the parents of the children you are placing in harms way every day would stop bringing it up.