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Sorry that you have become the scapegoat for people's anger regarding this issue. I hope this doesn't shake your own creative confidence and I also hope it doesn't ruin any and all desire you have to interact with the internet commumity. I get that you get it and I think you have certainly and sincerely apologised over and over. I hope that the furious posters here understand the courage it has taken for you to sit here and apologise to each individual rage-filled comment. Like you (obviously) I think that the print-a-day work is awesome! Rather than posting so critically, maybe we should all look for ways to be more supportive - like purchasing from print-a-day, or spoonflower. Surely that is more usefully loyal to the artisan community than hate-filled ranting. (P.S. Not only is Yasmine creative, generous and amazing - she is also clearly both polite and lovely. That is one graceful letter!)
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