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Ari Herzog
Newburyport, Mass.
Influencing business and government policy makers as an online media strategist and elected city councilor.
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It is intriguing that I never knew of this event until reading it on your blog. And, you and I last saw each other at the first megatweetup. I won't be able to make this one, though, as I already know of three local parties competing for my attention at the same time.
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Do you think the time will come when press releases say goodbye and video snippets like this say hello, thereby encouraging anyone watching to contact your office for more information?
Have you read Mack Collier's thoughts on popularity and influence and why the two are different?
Why is it important for you to use Facebook's changing terminology and not what you want to call it? A person creates a profile that requires mutual friendship for connections to work. That person can create a page that anyone can join as a fan. It shouldn't matter that pages are called "likes" and fans are called "people who click the like button." It's still the same thing, no?
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Intriguing that this blog's tagline is about "sharing ideas and working together" but 1) you disable the ability for people to reply directly to other people in a threaded structure; but moreover, 2) nobody from DOL/DWD has posted a comment here since Melanie's on June 26. Sharing ideas, huh?
You're not only a new actor I get to work with, but a great writer too...introducing me to a new blog. ;)
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An inveterate traveler, my best times are when I don't plan them but they happen: people I meet on the sidewalk, road signs that look magical when the sun glints a certain way, tumbleweed. It's noble to say you will determine things on a certain day, but you might be more pleased (and more productive) by letting things happen not by a plan but because they are supposed to happen.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2010 on digital sabbatical at tongue and groove
Of course "off the record" exists and of course it can be used properly. The key word is can. It usually isn't because the source doesn't know about the equally ambiguous term of "not for attribution." I've been on both sides of media relations: as a print journalist and, now, a public official frequently quoted. As a reporter, people told me content was off the record; they also told me things on condition of anonymity. The latter is akin to writing something like, "a senior Pentagon official said" in lieu of the General's name. Had the General prefaced such before he continued, you wouldn't have written the above -- except if someone else entered the room subsequent to its start and didn't know his words were anonymous.
You might enjoy reading Shelly's segue on the Ning educator licensing, where he asks us to define an educator:
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Of the 500 companies in the Fortune 500, why do you only specify six here? Perhaps your blog post title should be edited?
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Thanks for sharing this, Jess. I'm a city councilor in Newburyport and I'm attending the Gov 2.0 Camp you mention in your final paragraph; I'm also planning to lead a short session. It would be nice to see more names (and less generic descriptors, e.g. "webmaster") attached to Massachusetts blogs, tweets, etc as your name is above. It would be cooler to see a master list of every state official and their twitter account, blog, facebook profile, etc. Something to think about.
LOL, that depends how you're defining transparency.
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Hi John and Toby: You've assembled an enormous amount of information here, so may I ask two questions? First: What is transparency? It's a buzzword at best and I'm curious if everyone is using the same definition in their usage above. Second: Perhaps you could update this to indicate the role each interviewed person holds and whether the position was the relevance for outreach? For instance, Chris Brogan indicates how New Marketing Labs believes X, but I wonder if you reached out to Chris to ascertain NML's position or his personal position. Thanks. Will this be available in a portable PDF or Scribd view?
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Retreating to Warren's quote, in extract: I don't think that content marketing and inbound marketing are stepping stones to engagement marketing, but rather they are 3 complementary and parallel efforts that must work together in order to be optimal, I ask you why it is necessary to create silos. Marketing is marketing. Once you accept that, everything else you write flows smoother.
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I'll grant you and BK that Amazon is amid a select group of websites that commandeered new media -- but social networking? Where's the networking?
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Amazon as social networking at Web Ink Now
12 hours?!?
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Forget LOTR... you made me remember standing in line outside a movie theater for over an hour for The Phantom Menace, having no idea Jar Jar Binks would be so annoying.
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The focus of your list is on the WHAT: 100 ways to measure. The implication is measurement is the WHY to use the WHAT. You don't mention the HOW. So, I wonder from your perspective if the WHY or the HOW is more important.
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Is it more important to ask the HOW or the WHY, in your mind?
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My reaction when seeing this blog post title: Oh boy, here we go again! Who cares?
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I established a sole proprietorship in January 2009 performing consulting, speaking, and writing on online media strategies. But the bulk of my income this year has involved online community management. For 2010, my plan is to concentrate on speaking to overview social media as well as focus on different tools from a strategic, not tactical, perspective. For instance, it's great that an organization wants to blog -- but why and who will maintain it after the first six months? Strategies. I've met two of those seven authors, and never heard of one of them. I haven't read any of those books. I want to read them, add my signature below the authors' with my own note, and then give them away to colleagues or clients for a continuous circle of signing, note writing, and sharing. Thanks!
Your third bullet implies a question which you don't ask or answer: For a typical corporate website, should the landing page, e.g., be static or dynamic? If the blog is the website and not a page in a network, then the blog should be front, center, and above the fold on page 1, no?
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Between listening and measuring, which in your opinion comes first? (That is, if you don't include each in the other.)
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