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Interesting, when I read the scenario I thought that most people would pick A, but be better off with C. Something that Dan Gilbert wrote triggered this - he stated that pairwise choice for most consumer products makes no sense because you are only going to take one product so you should see how a single product works.
Content marketing is another version of what used to be called solution selling The theory goes back to the mid 20s, and the main difficulty with it is that it is so heavily procedural - I fear much like the additions that you are proposing. Marketing just makes cold calling slightly warmer, no amount of automation can hide the fact that your sales staff have to pick up the phone and start to find out if and when they can help.
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Gary, the big problem here is the lack of credible partners in the drug business. In the 30's, the Americans could turn to the Seagram and Bronfman families in Canada to control the legitimate trade in alcohol. Those were families the you could do business with. But, after 30 years of "the war on drugs" the Americans find themselves unable to nominate a single drug cartel family that they can do business with. Bit of a problem if you want to decriminalize the product.
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You would think that they would want to manage the secondary market and not destroy it.
Joel, you might want to alert your readers to this thread, which discusses the IRS perspective on this practice.
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