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Alpharetta, GA
IT Process and ROI consultant. CEO - Mantra Technologies
Interests: Business value and ROI side of information technology
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From across the street Remember a scene from Mission Impossible? Beautiful metro station below The mall below the Burj Khalifa Continue reading
Mantra Technologies last week announced a partnership with a Florida based IT consulting company for delivering the next generation mobile applications to its end clients. Under this partnership, Mantra will offer its processes, global resources and expertise to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android. Both the teams will work together as a client team and this partnership will be seamless to the end clients. "We are very excited about this partnership. This allows us to offer quicker, better and very cost effective mobile Apps to our clients." said a Client CTO. "We are especially happy with Mantra's 24/7 response,... Continue reading
Morning clouds over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. Storm over Mississippi. Continue reading
Element Table at Griffith Observatory Outside Kodak Theater Continue reading
2 movies released on the same weekend. Skyfall and Jab Tak Hai Jaan Picture below pretty much describes the difference in 2 worlds of entertainment. Continue reading
Beautiful sunset while flying from Minneapolis, MN to Atlanta, GA. Continue reading
Sun and cloud picture shot while driving thru fields in Iowa. Continue reading
Over the years there have been a lot of creative, innovative ideas and advertisements that came from Google. I think this is one of their best ads. Continue reading
Last week I had an opportunity to drive from Shawnee, KS to Minneapolis, MN. Along the way I stopped in Waterloo, IA for a meeting. Here are pictures from that trip. At Shawnee, KS. Hot summer afternoon on Interstate. Welcome to Iowa. Imes Bridge. Madison County IA. Bridges of Madison County. This one is very close to interstate exit (less than 2 miles) a must stop if you are traveling on I35 and are short on time. Other bridges are 12 miles inside. Imes Bridge from inside. H O T in Iowa. with heat index it was above 100 at... Continue reading
We love the story told by Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro, to illustrate how Western companies don't always get the Indian market. When Ford, he explained, decided to make a big move into India, it decided to pare down a $20,000 model it made in the US to a $15,000 version for Asia, which it figured would be more affordable. One money-saving idea was to get rid of the electric windows in the back of the car. What Ford hadn't realised was that a $15,000 car would be the preserve of Indians wealthy enough to employ a driver – most... Continue reading
Improving quality involves applying appropriate methods to close the gap between current and expected levels of quality as defined by standards. This core QA activity uses quality management tools and principles to understand and address system deficiencies, enhance strengths and improve health-care processes. Continue reading
Today Starbucks announced a mobile app for Blackberry and iPhone that will let customers pay for the coffee. That's wonderful and very convenient for Starbucks coffee drinkers. Just one more thing they should really do is - add Free drink on mobile app, too! I am Starbucks gold card holder myself. And, after every 13 drinks Starbucks gold card holders get a card in the mail for a FREE drink. Its kind of a hassle to keep those cards, not lose them and use those before the expiry date. Earlier it used to be a free drink right at the... Continue reading
Recent media attention to Facebook and people associated with it is just phenomenal. In late 2010 Facebook became number one site, in terms of unique visitors per month. It passed Google in October and November of 2010. Also, in 2010, Facebook crossed 500 Million users mark making it 3rd largest community on earth behind only China and India. Continue reading
Here is original article from TechCrunch. ebay is not in top 10 for 2010. Bing is in. I am surprised to see myspace in Top10. Does anyone still uses myspace.. I thought everyone is on Facebook now.. or Orkut if you are in India. It seems that more people are using gmail or Google apps than their personal yahoo account. Continue reading
Good article about the recent trends in outsourcing industry. US companies are increasingly preferring to work with smaller providers with niche expertise, better client attention and stronger value proposition. The boutique-sized , niche-focused outsourcing providers seem to be giving giants like HP, IBM, Accenture , TCS , Infosys , Wipro , HCL and Cognizant tough competition in terms of offering a greater degree of customer satisfaction. A comprehensive poll of over 6,547 outsourcing clients worldwide found that smaller vendors are satisfying more clients, and to a much greater degree, in comparison with their big-ticket counterparts. The study carried out by... Continue reading
With the challenging economic and business conditions, its not only the service / product provider companies, but often their end clients are also going through organization changes which many times affect companies and its support team at its core. Some tips on addressing those issues. Continue reading
Mantra Technologies, a SaaS and product development company based in Alpharetta GA, today announced new partnership with a leading Auto Insurance company from Atlanta to build next generation SaaS based solutions for its customers. Continue reading
During Christmas of last year Amazon, just in one day, sold more e-books for Kindle than paper books. Then came Apple with iPad and its great marketing machine. It looked like for a while that Amazon was going to see Kindle sales going down. But thanks to their smart price cut and aggressive media campaign, Kindle sales are actually picking up. Now Amazon is saying it will sell around 5 Million Kindles just this year. You can read full story here. Continue reading
SaaS and Cloud Computing solutions for an Insurance company No campsites available for this weekend in N. GA mountains:-( I think whole Atlanta is camping.7:25 AM Sep 1st via Twitter for BlackBerry® DalaiLama I am encouraged by the clear acknowledgment of the need to seek non-violent resolutions of conflict in a spirit of reconciliation. @SrBachchan sir ji - you are right! No question. But why retweet replies? For validation or support? Bill Gates Interview at techonomy SaaS and Cloud Computing for a Financial Software Little Fockers trailer Has Ari Gold really weakened a bit this season? Continue reading
My fav deli shop owner 'went to a local company for delivery. Th've 1 person for every 5 cubicles. Frm 250 th're dwn to 50.' SaaS and Cloud Computing solutions for a Insurance company Cloud Computing Solutions - MantraSys Wondering if traffic jam in New Delhi last week and Ford India introducing 5 new models have something in common. Spending dilemma for CEOs - Spend or Save: Should CEO's be leveraging their cash reserves and… Spending dilemma for CEOs - Spend or Save Facebook’s ‘Car Town’ Gains Honda Ads in Games Shift - BusinessWeek: Interesting article…... Continue reading
Should CEO's be leveraging their cash reserves and spend on business growth, or just wait more (... and more) to see there economy improves? That's a trillion dollar question. Continue reading
Interesting article about how advertising moving towards social networking. You can read complete article here. Honda Motor Corp.’s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can’t be seen from a freeway. The ads are on display in Facebook Inc.’s virtual game “Car Town,” as Honda advertises on the social-network site for the first time today. The game, which allows users to collect and customize cars, has 3.1 million users. It was released on Facebook two weeks ago by Cie Games Inc. Brands are turning to social networks to reach an audience... Continue reading