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Blair and Elijah are one of the few untainted bright spots on the show. Kassie and Matt are bringing it the few times we get to see them. (By the by, have you seen the new Old Navy ads with Matt Walton as THE Mike? Cute!) Nekkid!Brody is always a wonderful thing. It's too bad you can't post video because watching him jump rope is a revelation. That Natalie's eyes didn't even flicker when he opened the door astounded me. How?! What?! HOW?! Is it me or does Hannah look like Tea in that screencap? I rather hate characters singing on soaps. I LOVE Kassie and I LOVE Blair but I'd be happier if they just gave her musical montages. That being said, the B&E sparklepony happiness that they bring to every scene has made me tolerate this sort of thing. Well, that and the cheerfully cheesy aspect of it all with the screen melds and, really, all that was missing were the Solid Gold dancers interpreting the song in their oh so special way. Sometimes, the cheese just wins me over and it did this time. Plus, you had Elijah looking like he's just falling in love with Blair with every second. Squee! Dandesun
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2010 on Deliciousness, Etc. at Serial Drama
Brody busting out the guns on Jess was pretty hilarious. Too bad it got wiped away the next time we saw her and she was giving Natalie Pouty Teen Lip about stealing her boyfriend... what was this? A DAY after Blair talked her down from her idiot ledge and told her to move the fuck on? And after Brody offered her a view of the gun show? Cris is gorgeous, yes... but Brody is hardly some creature that crawled out of the sewer. He's hot and gorgeous and funny and maybe Jess should have taken a longer look at him in his uniform yesterday. Teen Jess really wasn't THIS stupid. And I could not agree more with this idiotic decision to let her run around Llanview as a teenager because it's allegedly 'safer.' Cripes, did Marty forget about how well it worked for HER when she decided to ignore her life and kid during her bout with amnesia. Is Marty hoping Bree gets in a car accident and Jess has to go all SuperMom to remember that she's not 12? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. The show is at loose ends right now. It's hard to get a handle on much of anything. It's probably why I was so grateful for Blair's presence last week and on Monday. She solidified a lot of stuff last week in her interactions with Starr, Dani, Cris, Jess, Todd, Kelly, Eli and Tea. Even if I didn't care for the crap at The Sun (seriously... what was that supposed to be about anyway?) it still showed that Blair's ability to work with every aspect of Llanview they use her with is one of her greatest strengths. Her talk with Jess after her blow up with Elijah was wonderful. If only Jess had been smart enough to LISTEN!! Or, more importantly, RETAIN. But when it came down to it and Blair told Elijah she was ready to move on and she wanted to move on with him (and the way he stood there looking at her when she said that... hooooot!) They had a sweet, private date where they actually talked. The Tea stuff was really unnecessary, I thought. I'd have preferred more of B&E talking. Eli wanted Blair and made her work for it after she gave him the brush off for wanting more and, honestly? I can respect that. What woman worth her salt wants a man who'll just roll over for her when she makes a bad move? Elijah tested her sincerity and Blair stood there and took it. And when she opened up and let him see a little bit of who she actually is... his response was unbelievably sweet. Yes, they already had hot down in spades. They also already showed they could banter (and they did it again on Monday's date.) Now they're showing they can do sweet and tender, too. This is GOOD. Dandesun
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2010 on Alas, What Could've Been (Etc.) at Serial Drama
Easily one of the best reactions to giant insects landing on a person I've ever seen.
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