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Oooh I saw that thing once and thought it was the bee's knees. I kill things so much I had to hire someone to tell me WHAT and WHERE to plant things, I'm that lame. I just killed an azalea, and one of those indoor ivy things that are supposed to live forever. I almost killed 10 baby live oaks (they were unexpectedly shipped from the Arbor Day Foundation) because I didn't plant them right away, but this morning I dropped them off at a gardening center and they will give them a good home. :) Thanks for reminding me about this thing - it makes great bday gifts...
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I was always frustrated that I couldn't find either of our 2 causes to promote on our own myspace account. I couldn't find the reason why ours wasn't appearing either. So I just gave up.
It's so clear that call to action & active subject lines seem to always win. But when you're writing a subject for a nonprofit email that is NOT about soliciting donations, then calls to action get trickier. I'd love to see 50 of the best nonprofit subject lines (that aren't all fundraising).