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Arguez deserve a chance, his in in the development stage like all of the players in the roster after all they are only 19,20 and some even 17. As for Taylor he is the most skillful of them all. I think he only went to 2 tryout in Europe and didn't land a contract that doesn't mean he is not good enough. He is only 19. I saw him in Bradenton several times and he is amazing, He is not a target player like Altidore, but he is a playmaker. The team have to play around him and you will see soccer. Give the guys a chance. The last world cup we only had as a star Adu, but he was a made up star the rest of the guys have to prove and this team will proof to the world they are good enough. So stop talkin bs about the players because non of the are mature at this point, they all are missing the maturity that will only come with age and development. Apriciate there up comming talent.
Come on guys, this is a very good team. I guess you haven't been following the u-20 journey. In 2007 wc the differece was that Adu was a produce name with no really base for it. Others were working harder that him at the time and still in the air, call that fair, Altidore was not even that big of a name when he went to the 2007 world cup,and I am glad to see that Rongen is giving a group of players like Dilly Duka, Omby, Garza and Tony Taylor a chance to show their talent and not just pick up players because the media put their name out there for economical reason. This time aroun I think RONGEN made a choice base on talent , not name. Before you talk , look at the result this team have given, starting with qualifying , Egypt were Taylor made his mark by what the score showed and Argentina were Flores did his thing and with the help of a very talented group of guys. So Im glad that we are looking in many other direccion. God knows that with the senior group we used to see the only 11 for a long time so is good to see other faces like Davies etc.