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I find it rather troubling that people (referring to Derrick's comment above) show a tendency to summarily and categorically state that people are idiots just because they don't agree with an idea or point of view. I have no idea whether Red Gate's experiment will work (although I'm inclined to think so) but if I were in Derrick's position I would be: 1) Grateful that somebody else is trying something 'unusual' out so that I don't have to take the risk myself 2) Even more grateful that said person/company is bothering to share his thoughts (and possibly results eventually) 3) Carry out basic research on what constitutes 'motivation' (I would suggest starting here: and the pros and cons of financial vs. other kinds of reward 4) Be very very careful and take a step back when I find myself saying things like "this is how everybody does it, it's the best way, and you're an idiot if you don't follow suit" Incidentally, I have rarely met a bunch of sales people who try so hard to be good at what they do ('better' in fact because they're already excellent) and who understand their people+product so well.