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Babe, you wouldn't get away with this, would you? KFC goes Kosher in Brooklyn, coming soon to Manhattan …for New Yorkers there is a new option for deep fried (and now grilled!) chicken from a popular and familiar fast food chain. Within the last 2 weeks, a new Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has opened up in Brooklyn, NY which offers the taste of Kosher chicken on its menu. The KFC located at 208 McGuinness Blvd is the first restaurant in the franchise to offer halal meat on its menu in the New York area. The establishment is located a few blocks away from the G line’s Greenpoint Ave stop and if you’re traveling by car, it’s only a few minutes off of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway or the Long Island Expressway with ample parking spots available. The Kosher meat is being supplied by a slaughter house in Georgia which is Jewish owned and is an approved vendor for KFC. Employees have said that foot traffic has been very heavy since they’ve opened and guests have traveled from as far as Connecticut to experience the taste of a Kosher KFC. For those of you living in Manhattan, you will be pleased to hear that there are plans to start construction on a new Kosher KFC in New York City next week. Source Some Illinois KFC’s are accommodating Jewish Kashrut law as well. All KFC’s in France are under Jewish rule.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Halal KFC is da bomb! at Atlas Shrugs
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