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Try this versatile method: ask customer buying the book if it is for her or for a loved one. Depending on her reply, you change up the following comment: "What a wonderful neice (daughter, sister) you have in Trish to buy such awful TRASH for your reading plesure." Then sign and leave em with a laugh. "It's a crime novel, a crime it was ever written." Go in prepared! Rob Walker
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I published my first novel in 79 and I have so often seen news about the industry years late in the making...things we all know to be true...such as how incredible the Kindle is and how it is going to change everything. For this reason, I did not wait for my publisher to get into ebook publicaton but began down that path of my own. Have placed twenty six novels on ebooks, three or four originals on Kindle, books never in print other than electronic print.