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One should take note of a few significant caveats with the AIR output that weren't mentioned in this article. While it's nice that you get a singular output file, this file must be installed, just as you would install any other application. It's not like a CHM where you can copy and just run it where you copied it to. Before you can even consider installing the AIR help output, your end user must have first installed the AIR runtime, which is a separate installation that must occur. I'm not sure if the AIR package RoboHelp creates is smart enough to detect that and account for it. Maybe it is. Additionally, some folks will likely balk at installing an application that is using a self signed certificate.
Eye Glasses equipped with a video overlay and a mind link. Questions I think of would instantly perform Google searches and present the results overlaid against what or who I'm looking at.
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You should post the B, I and U images so folks could copy them from here and paste into RoboHelp.