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Sandra Klary
St. Pölten - Austria
Computer science student and creative junkie ;)
Interests: Scrapbooking, photography, travelling, reading, ...
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Ha! Would love to! ;) You should definitely try to visit Vienna while you're this near! It's beautiful and there are a lot of things to see. But Graz is awesome, too.
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For me, it depends. There are people whose blogs I follow and only look at the pictures and there are people who just "get me" and whose posts I always read. God, I even close those posts and save them for later to read them when I've got more time and enjoy them :) You are one of those people, by the way ;) Talking about me *lol* I'm Sandra, 30 from a town somewhere in Austria. Happily married, no kids yet, planning on building a house this year. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I've been a reader since it was only Harper...gosh..and that's great. It seems like I really would know you somehow. I love reading about your family, your challenges as a Mum, an Army-wife and so on...all these stories make you so more human, touchable, real.. I really want to try and write more personal posts myself, but it's hard writing in a language that's not your mother tongue and I often wonder if there's even anyone out there that's interested in all these things.. *sigh* I guess what I wanted to say is that I understand what you mean ;) But I don't think blogging is way..I hope I'll be able to watch your kids grow, and Elise's and so that blogging can connect us on such a deep level :) Wow..uhm..didn't mean to write such an essay ;) Greetings from the North :D xoxo Sandra
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Omg, omg, omg!!!! So, so lovely!!!! Love each and every line, but I'm mostly in love with all the bags of die cuts!! :)
OMG, totally forgot: nachtschwinge at gmail dot com
Looks awesome!!! Love the summer collections! :) So please, pick me!!! ;)
Well, thank you, too! :) Thank you for sharing your life with us! I've been following your blog for years now (I think yours was one of the very first blogs I ever read) and it feels like I would "know" you and your family.. Totally love that! Your kind of a role model for me as a woman, a photographer and a sometime-in-the-future mom..because you're keeping it real and sharing not only the good moments, but the true moments.. :)
Wow! Love the design and colours of your layout! :D And thanks for the chance to win those goodies!
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OMG, the layout is sooo cute! :D I can't decide on one product, since I looooove Mr Hueys, but I also love the papers... ;)
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Awesome layouts!! Your style is really adorable!! :) Thanks for the chance to win some SC goodies! *gg*
OMG! Your layout's so cute!!!! :) And the new label stickers just look great!
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Love your layouts! And the new alphabets are soooo cute!!! :)
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Love the first layout! Just adorable! :)
Wow!! Love your layouts!!! The colours are just awesome! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on Studio Calico Blog Hop at Kelly Purkey
Awe3some layouts! So colourful and fresh! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on Studio Calico Blog Hop!! at Living The Dream
Lovely layout!! Those phrases RubOns sure look great! :) Thanks for the chance to win those! *gg*
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on Studio Calico Blog Hop! at Ginger Grace
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I actually attended one of those workshops and absolutely loved it! Christiane's such a sweet person and amazingly talented, by the way *lol* The two projects she taught us, were great! :) Greetings from Austria! Sandra ;)
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on talkin' shop. at sassafras
Wow, krass...gut, dass es allen gut geht und dein neues Auto auch heil ist! Ich muss ja sagen, ich glaube auch an Schicksal...aber nur bis zu nem gewissen Grad...darüber hinaus glaub ich an die Wahl..daran, dass jeder Mensch sein Schicksal zu einem großen Teil mitbestimmt.. :)
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2009 on *i believe* at *Jana Köhler*
I'm following Steph's blog for a long while now and I love her, too! ;) She's so natural and true and her scrapbooking talent's just AMAZING!! Love her style and get inspired by her layouts a lot!! :) Great interview with a great lady - thanks a lot!
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2009 on Stephanie Howell is here!!! at The Paperlife
Awsome kit! I come back for inspiration!!! I love sass paper, but sometimes have a hard time cutting it up and using it! Everytime I comne here there's a lot of inspo from your team and then I just go from there! Thanks for that! ;)