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It's a very trivial reason. I once had a short email conversation with Ms. Geller about some photo she took and put in her blog, and at that point didn't bother reading the blog. Since I had her email in my (automatic collection) contact list, twitter auto-added her when I signed up for it a few days ago. So I started reading and found it very interesting, and also, most of the time, very disturbing. I think this style of writing appeals to many hysterical types. We can't fight Islam by giving up the exact things that make western civilization different and better, although the more I read the about the views and actions of the conservative american public, the definition of "western civilization" starts to seem elusive. I'm not trolling, I'd just like to have a reasonable discussion, although I suspect people who bring god (there's not such thing) to support their arguments may not be able to hold what I see as one. Best regards, Ben
Yes, I do support Meretz and Peace Now. No, I am not delusional. You're defining me as unrealistic. I don't think you have anything to base that defintion on. You sound totally hysterical. Please stop shouting. I think I know Israel quite well. I've lived here all my life. I am not a member of any religion, although I was required to have a Rabbi in my wedding. That's how the law is in this country. I did not know any poor women killed on "honor of the family" grounds, but I do read about them in the news. Is domestic violence unheard of in the United States? Husbands that kill their wives? Seems to me that it happens on your side of the world as well. I (obviously) wholeheartedly oppose any such disgusting behaviour. I just don't see why you are so worked up about this Barry case. It seems like you attribute a much bigger part of the troubles of the world to "Islam" than would be necessary. If you wish to convince me, instead of blaming me with all sorts of horrible things, please assume good faith and provide me with links to reading material (preferably not from some nut-job conservative website) that demonstrates why she must not be returned to her legal guardians. Thanks, Ben
"...learned that pork is good, tastes good..." I don't know about that. Is it? I hear it's quite unhealthy, very fatty kind of meat. I also fail to see how the dietary issue was what saved the marriage. Or are you just using that as an example of his lax following of religion? In that case, I can believe it. Not being religious is probably a good way to enhance your chances of having a good marriage.
It's my real name, no need for quote marks. Also, I was not trying to threaten the owner of this blog (with what?). My Korean friend, I welcome you to come visit us here in Israel where I live and see for yourself about how wonderful life is for Jewish women. Especially the religious ones. Consider the fact that in some parts of Israel (Jewish) women are forced to sit in the back of the bus, seperated from their husbands with threat of violence, the fact that marriage and divorce in Israel are run according to religious laws drafted thousands of years ago, and the various pearls regarding women throughout the Jewish law - not allowed to testify, and this idiocy ( among other things. Judaism is a religion, and a very old one. Islam is a slightly newer but still very old religion. I don't see why the two cannot be compared. I personally oppose all organised religion. I find nothing in particular about Islam that is "so wonderful". It most certainly can and should be discussed in a free society. It's the style I find irritating. I can't bring myself to share your distrust and contempt to "mainstream media". It's highly unlikely that everyone is lying. Why are you so angry about this child? Would you feel equally as opposed to having a minor girl who ran away from home to become a Muslim returned to her Christian parents? Regarding the capital letters: I'll just have to live with this annoying writing style, I suppose. Don't let me bother you. YuO CaN EvEn tYpE LiKe ThIs if you really have to. I just don't see the point (Beyond Discussion in a Free Society? Come on!). Best regards, Ben
A fascinating history lesson indeed. May I ask you how many Muslims do you know personally? I feel you are angry and afraid. I don't understand what you mean by "fake prophet". Are you implying there are real prophets? I did register today, and solely for the purpose of responding. I've been following this blog for a few days and finally felt I had to say somthing. All this ridiculous obsessing about Islam, it's just too much. Is it considered standard English where you live to bold or all-caps the important parts of the sentence? Ben
Dear CHOI. Please don't use ALL CAPS, it makes it seem as though you are shouting. I am not a cyber-terrorist and am not "cyber-itimidating", whatever that means. I was referring to the headline and the claims about the Islam being "a set of beliefs that insists that women are wicked is an evil set of belief". While I can't say I'm at all excited about the way Islam treats women, I was referring to the fact that Judaism also treats women fairly badly. Republicans think the truth is whatever they've chosen to believe.