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Okay, I see this thread is old, but I'm respsonding anyway...considering it therapy for myself. I have an issue with my girlfriend masturbating. It really is only the "I know its irrational, but it hurts my feelings" type of jealousy. But certain times I will seriously cry over it. We've been together 7 years. Our sex life is good, not as often as I would like, but always good when its there. I would do it daily though and for her its maybe twice a month. So, she works and I stay home. Every once in a while when Im gone for like 30 minutes, I will notice that the 'magic wand' is in a different spot, or she has unplugged something on her side of the bed, so I know what she was doing while I was gone. I think it bothers me that "really, i was gone 20 minutes and that is what you choose to do? why not wait 20 minutes and at least let me watch?" I know that its pretty much just 'something to do'...she is never really alone, so has to take advantage of it while I'm away. But it does hurt my feelings. Ive never said no to sex in my life, so why not want to do it with me? But I do it myself so I also know that sometimes I just want to have a quick orgasm, and be done. Its not about anybody or why do I have days where I will cry when I know she does it? I'm lame. If I could cure one thing about myself it would be this stupid s**t.
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