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Facebook Alternative? Dave McClure Is Full Of It
Mike is selling newspapers.
Aliza Sherman Takes Mike Arrington To Task
Thanks for linking to my blog post. I have You might also be interested in and and and I am about to write yet another post on the topic. I am loving it that this debate has taken off so.
Reshma is a great candidate.
Came over here from Fred's Wilson blog. Both of you seem to think this act was brilliant! :-)
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"...just as I would not want to make women into men (or vice versa) in the name of equality..." That is a sexist phrase.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Secrecy, Privacy, Publicy at /Message
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Blogging is my favorite social medium.
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Government 2.0 has long been overdue. Obama 08 was presidential campaign 2.0 style. It only makes sense that it spills over into how he does his job.
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LOL ---- very funny. Off you go on to my blogroll.
I need a Routesy for NYC buses. :-) Craig, your zeal for service is obvious and commendable.