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OK...right up front let me admit...I'm a guy! You're probably saying, what is a guy doing commenting on this "girl" post? Well, it's simple. I think I have something to say on the subject. When I grew up, moms stayed home. Homemaker was a coveted title. It was nice to always have my mom around whenever I thought I needed her. The trade off was, I might as well have not had a dad. Our generation is envied for our two parent families, but we had two parents only by the legal definition. The truth was dads life was about work and moms life was about family. There were rare moments when they merged but mostly they were parallel tracks through life. So I for one like seeing work become life. I like seeing fathers take as much joy in parenting as mothers. I like the fact that my employees float in and out to take care of family issues and yet always get their jobs done. I like the fact that today people are realizing that its not a question of "Can we have it all" its understanding that - "this is all of it" and however we choose to blend it life is work and work is life. Paul
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Great post Becky. It is a good reminder of a couple things. First is that leadership often involves nothing more than giving people permission to act. Something in our nature causes us to hesitate but it takes very little to overcome that hesitation and push on to new heights. Next, my staff would laugh, because I frequently say "Do something...even if its wrong." That's my call to action. The truth is that it won't often be wrong and if it is they have my permission to make that mistake. The first step is often the most important one to take in getting to any destination.
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