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me & my BIG ideas
Lake Forest, California
We are a scrapbooking and craft manufacturer...designing products that help you live creatively!
Recent Activity
Let's keep the Halloween projects coming! This haunted house was creatively decorated by one of our talented designers, Suezi Gurzi. She used a paper mache house from Hobby Lobby. Suezi covered the house with our new Halloween paper pad and stickers...also available at Hobby Lobby. Attach paper to the house using any form of adhesive you like. Mod Podge, Xyron, craft glue, scrapbook adhesive, etc. Cover one entire side with paper, let dry and then cut out windows using a sharp craft knife. Don't worry about perfection...once everything is all dry, lightly sand all the edges with sandpaper and then... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2012 at the mambi blog
It's October 2nd and that means that I can now put up my Halloween decorations. I was really feeling it a couple weeks ago but decided to hold off until it was officially October. I can show you one of the projects that I was working on a few months ago. (side note: it's really hard working months, sometimes years, ahead...i want to share everything but can't) I LOVE collecting antique bottles from flea markets. I have many of them that serve no other purpose than making me happy when I look at them. But then I had an... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2012 at the mambi blog
Let's welcome in the month of March with lots of BIG ideas. How about a layout a day for 15 days? Sound good? Here we go! This beautiful page was made from our Memories mambiKIT. Continue reading
Posted Feb 29, 2012 at the mambi blog
Suezi has been whipping up some adorable projects using burlap. Just loving the way the raw, natural fabric works with some of our valentine & love products. The sweetness of the pink, white and red just works with the burlap. SO CUTE! Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2012 at the mambi blog
Awesome & congratulations. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2012 on the banner winners are.... at the mambi blog
I love, love, LOVE ruffles! And...I want to make them with everything, including cardstock. So, I found a way to create the ruffles I love with the cardstock I can't live without. Watch the video and see how I did it! Here's a cute page layout using a crepe paper ruffle and our adorable baby girl paper and embellishments. Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2012 at the mambi blog
Yay! Send us a picture when you finish it!!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2012 on the banner winners are.... at the mambi blog
Congratulations Lisa & Amanda! Send me an email (the link is at the top left of this page) and let me know where to send your goodies!! Yay!! Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2012 at the mambi blog
CHA Winter is swiftly approaching and the team mambi is busily scurrying around getting everything ready! This year, I made the signs for our booth and I have loved every minute of it! The theme for the booth is....Live Creatively! So I found 6 awesome quotes about creativity and created some colorful chalkboard frames. I experimented with many different chalks, spray paints, fixatives, layouts, lettering styles, etc.... I already posted the first two are the final 4. (I'll post the final outcome in the booth at the show) I hope these inspire you like they have inspired me. Don't... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2012 at the mambi blog