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This is serious propaganda on the level of communist re-education camps. The scary thing is that these folks don't see it as indoctrination, they see it as truth. The very, very scary thing is how well it works. These folks live lives of great comfort in expensive schools and still complain relentlessly of their oppression.
640,000 people died in the fight to end slavery. Let us not forget their sacrifice. Beyond this, remember that America is not special for having had slavery, we are special for having ended it. Lastly, in this age of globalism, isn't it best the Mr. Liu work to get Islamic countries to pay reparations to Africa?
Where is culturism? Boooo !! : )
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Atlas Book Club at Atlas Shrugs
Why not culturist bias? This morning I applied to teach in Abu Dhabi. They told me they do not let people associated with terrorists in. Then they said they rejected an applicant on these grounds because her uncle was in the Israeli army. The recruiter assured me that "Abu Dhabi is at war with Israel." In my application to Kuwait they told me that I could not utter the word Israel. "Occupied Territories" was the favored term. I also could not mention the holocaust. Look, all nations are culturist. They tell their side in their schools. We alone have swallowed the multicultural lie that we have no culture and the universalist creed that we can never take any culturally relevant factors into account. Sorry we are a western nation and do not support Islamic theocracy. Period. Please spread the word culturism to counter multicultural madness. Please tell those who think such thoughts racist that we are culturists. We need to realize we have a side and stand up for it, like all other nations do.
Thanks for the stellar coverage !! The other side didn't even have one hand made sign. It was the strangest protest. A great many of the folks protesting were not Muslim. It looked like it could have been called the "liberal Jews Against Israel Rally." In my video a speaker says the New Israel Fund organized them. If so, they are a scary development. It is bad enough that anti-Israel protester numbers are spreading through immigration !! Please see my coverage of the protest at Thanks, Culturist John
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on NYC: In Defense of Israel at Atlas Shrugs
I just posted a video about Obama's refusing to recognize Turkey's genocide while apologizing for our sins all over. It is here, Those who totally refuse to acknowledge the history they haven't forgotten are doomed to repeat it. We shall reap what he has sewn. Thanks for your work! John
WOW !! How great is it that we have this guy to say these things publicly and listened to. GO GEERT !!!! If Europe listens to him there is hope still for western civ.
Pamela, I do not understand the criticism. Where were you supposed to hold this event? In a parking lot of another city? After attending CPAC, my impression was that THE BIGGEST divide in the Republican party was between isolationists and interventionists on the topic of Islam. Granted I was purposely there on the day that you had FDI and, coincidentally, there on the day Ron Paul spoke. But that is what I came away with and blogged about. But what if you hadn't have had your event there? What would my impression had been then? Would Islam (who Paul did not mention) have been an issue at all? NO! It perhaps makes a good story, but Pamela, don't think for a second that your being there wasn't perfectly placed and important. BTW, you said the Paul "real conservatives" event had 200 in attendance, I would guess that you easily had over 500! And the people there were completely engaged. It was not an accident that there was standing room only throughout the event. People did not wander in by accident. They knew what you have to present is important. They were eager for information. You were in the right venue. THANKS!! Culturist John
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
Rifqa's trial is now the 6th most viewed internet article at CNN. It is both listed as a US story and a World story at WWW.CNN.COM. Click on the stories to bring attention to her plight!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2009 on The Rifqa Bary Press Conference at Atlas Shrugs
CNN on-line has Rifqa's story as one of the most watched. Interestingly it is listed in the "the World" section. It seems to be happening in the USA to me. Her father, CNN reports, is not a United States' citizen. With all Atlas has dug up on him, he could become the test case for deportation. Then again, others in the Noor center likely deserve that more. They are saying that her being allowed to be a cheerleader proves they are tolerant folks. Hmnn. I expect the cheerleader photo of her to be used as evidence.