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I think it will be interesting to see if any of the critics (especially Brantley) will return after the "official" opening, assuming that ever happens. I'd like to hear their perspective about if the show actually changed at all, and whether or not this constant postponement actually resulted in any recognizable work being done. Some of the best shows around have changed significantly in previews, but from what I hear, not much about SPIDER-MAN has actually changed that much. You can't just keep postponing opening because you know the show is probably not that good to begin with and is just going to be trashed by the critics. Do something! Actually fix it, and don't just whine about it being "uncool" for people to judge your product just because you know it's not quality. All that said, none of this is going to hurt ticket sales in the least, which is probably the saddest thing about all of this. The show's gotten free publicity, and the public has once again proven they will buy into hype rather than quality.
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I'm visiting NYC in a couple of weeks and have been trying to find good seats to AMERICAN IDIOT online, but haven't had the greatest luck. I've run into this in the past and have gotten great seats by walking up to the box office the day of the performance. It's frustrating though, because 1) it IS a gamble 2) you do have to pay full price and can't use discounts (which I'm totally willing to do for certain shows), and 3) it makes me a nervous wreck!
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I too have been a longtime listener of DSC, and am so glad it's back and that they finally had you as a guest! Really great episode too. Now whenn are you going to be on "Working in the Theatre"?? ;)
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