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Don't forget the real issue here. NOISE!!! Decibels Degree Comparable Loudness or Feeling 140 Deafening Jet Aircraft, Artillery fire 130 Deafening Threshold of Pain, Causes Immediate Ear Damage 120 Extremely Loud Thunder or Diesel Engine Room 110 Extremely Loud Close to a train 100 Very Loud Wood Saw, Home Lawn Mower, car horn@16’ Over 90 decibels - Hearing can be damaged if protective equipment is not worn Decibels Degree Comparable Loudness or Feeling 90 Very Loud Symphony, Truck without Muffler 80 Loud Car Noise at high speed, Police whistle, motorboat on plane 70 Loud Normal Street Noise, Average Radio 60 Moderate Normal Conversation 50 Moderate Normal Office Noise 40 Faint Residential Area without vehicle traffic 30 Faint Quiet Conversation 20 Very Faint Whisper, Ticking of a Watch 10 Totally Quiet Soundproof Room, Threshold of Hearing
What is our city doing to create new jobs as a team effort?