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Michael - great post, and a much more sophisticated, updated perspective on implementation. E2.0 (particularly Socialtext) is so much more dynamic than it was even a couple of years ago; there are new ways for people to "play" which didn't exist before. Big, scary workspaces are not the only way to collaborate anymore; and I love that your post acknowledges the fact that there can be different "thresholds" of participation. In my opinion; any participation is a good thing. I have found that low threshold users often become high threshold users as they start to feel comfortable with the technology, and start to see the possiblities. I agree that assuming small-scale pilots are the way to go without exploring other, more creative and larger-scale options would be a shame, and could potentially lead to an anti-climactic and less energizing roll-out. Without scale, you miss out on seeing and feeling "the oxygen" that is produced by company-wide collaboration. For what it's worth... Thanks for another great post!