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Hell, I think even just dating when you're active on social media sites is sometimes difficult, let alone breaking up. I like that you created the TMI account though, maybe I should do that. I find I censor myself too often anymore, mostly because I live in Utah and have Mormon friends I try not to offend. Too bad I only know how to be funny when I'm being crude. Thanks for following me. I told Leslie (hotskillet) how excited I was about it when I saw her the other night, since she's the one who recommended you. Next time I'm out your way we'll have to grab a drink, hopefully at a time when Leslie is in town too.
It's an interesting quandary, isn't it? In some friendships/relationships I occasionally just step back and think: this isn't a friendship/relationship where there's an equal value for both; I'm allowing myself to be strung along out of some sense of obligation, maybe because I don't want to feel like the bad guy, or maybe just because I just can't let go. But in reality, I just need to have a little self-respect because I'm putting a lot in and getting little in return. Maybe the situations aren't quite the same for you, but I see this pattern over and over in myself quite a bit and have some of the same frustrations that you have, even if the situations aren't the same.
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