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We don't mind that you are busy with your March Madness, then we get the pleasure of talking to Linda in the RV-Dreams chat room!
You won't need to do any extra exercising, while you are weighing RVs! It looks like you are getting in your 10,000 steps on those days. It must have been hilarious to watch it on 'fast-forward'! Hopefully, I will be able to make the rally in TX now it will be in my state, but that could still be nearly 1000 miles from me. Waiting to hear where it will be, but my guess is the Hill Country. Happy Trails, Penny, TX
My 15 year old cat is arthritic too. It's in her shoulder. When I took her to the vet she was walking three legged. She wouldn't even put that foot on the floor. The vet said it was the worst case she had ever seen. I put her on a cat food that has Glucosamine, Chrondroitin in it. I don't even have to give her pain meds anymore, and she doesn't even limp. Bobcat is not influenced by the power of advertising, or auto-suggestion, so I guess it works!
It is a shame that most Amish and Mennonites consider dogs to be livestock, and then treat them so cruelly in their puppy mills: and Happy Trails, Penny, TX
I just came across this about headaches, and I thought it might be of interest to you and Linda: I hope this helps. Happy Trails, Penny, TX
Hey, me three, "still here and reading every word". Happy Trails, Penny, TX
I see that Welaka has a fish hatchery. I visited the one in Athens, TX, and I thought that it was very interesting. The State Forest looks like a great place to visit, too. I don't think you are going to run out of photo opportunities! Happy Trails, Penny, TX
Oh, what a horrible picture of me! Isn't that what everyone says? That picture was taken when I was so tired after a long, nerve wracking day of travel in a strange rig, and hardly any sleep the night before. I enjoyed meeting Deb and Rod that day, and you two again yesterday. Thank you. Happy Trails, Penny, TX
Yes, Karen, it will power some air tools. I have one just like it. It is easy for me to carry, that is another reason why I like it. I don't think it would be sufficient to frame up a house with a big nail gun, but I have used an air ratchet, and sander with it. Also I use it for stapling trim. It will power a brad nailer, and palm nailer, but I rarely use them. Happy Trails, Penny, TX
That is really handy having two vehicles for the times when you each need to do your own 'thang'. I sure hope you get your wheel problem resolved soon. You must be chomping at the bit, as you don't like to do long travel days, and I don't blame you. Happy Trails, Penny, TX
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on Still Waiting - (Pahrump, NV) at RV-Dreams Journal
Lovely pictures, and journal as usual. Thanks. I was wondering when you two and Gypsy would meet out there. I am sure a lot of people told you that she was close to you. RV-Dreamers are having mini GetToGethers all over the country right now. You have a lovely big family, and they like to meet each other. See what you started? Happy Trails, Penny, TX
Another little RV-Dreamers GetToGether. The chatroom spawned great friendships and it's amazing how they meet all over the USA now. Happy Trails, Penny, TX
Oh, I am so relieved! I thought that by trying to pick up the branches from the ATV that you were going to say that you put your back out. That would have really put a crimp in things! Happy Trails, Penny, TX