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Joey, sorry but Fun Fair Park is closed, has been for at least 10 years. The rides are still up, but now at Dixie Landing (next to Blue Bayou) And yes, Bon Marche is a office complex now, but you wouldn't recognize it, promise. It's not "Bonne Carre" and Cox Communications is based there among many other things. (Colleen, it's at the corner of Wooddale and Florida - it's orange with big palm tress out front, can't miss it) I do have a mission for you: Coke/Dr. Pepper plant on Airline east of Hammond Aire - It's no longer open (closed within the past year, sorry to those reading this who didn't know that). It would be awesome to get inside, I don't know how much of the original equipment is left, It was for sale last time I drove past, not sure of it's status now.
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