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Uighurian Sharks
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Somehow I feel news information, political and otherwise, is being manipulated. As the only nation to embrace Uighur prisoners and the only one to set quota on incoming foreigners for that matter, why did JT not mention anything about it in his UN speech/visit to set the record straight, whatever that is!?! Something like Uighurs swimming in the shark infested waters, eh! As for Cio, can someone tell us what is/was his position with respect to JT and his ministers' monster salary increase? And if he opposed it, is JT behind HOD's W&M reorganization to unseat Cio. Is JT utilizing his presidential power/influence to initiate selective prosecution and demotion on anyone who speaks up against his political agenda?
Commented Sep 28, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVII at okedyulabeluu
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