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I don't think it adds more to the noise. I think that local campaigns will flourish as other approaches keep sprouting to support their immediate community. We've seen it in grocery stores (I remember an ad I saw last night while buying some midnight munchies saying 'Thank you for keeping your money here') and helping others will be the new path. Interesting post Beth. --Paul
I do agree with some of the comments here David. I think the technology is not new but what they're trying to do (bundle up video WITH other platforms to produce data) is probably new. Links are found anywhere, now you'll be able to find out who's linking and decipher the flow to a sale. Adam makes a good point: why would you create such a product and not be open about its pricing? That's always the make or break for a venture like this. --Paul
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on Online video as lead generation at Web Ink Now
Excellent info here Steve, starting with teaching me the true meaning of the words GEICO. People definitely need to pay attention to how they choose their name, make it sassy but not incomprehensible. Catchy without the complication. --Paul
A very energized video indeed Tim! Definitely worth the clicking of my bookmarking/sharing app. The last point is definitely what makes you "pop" from the rest and should be rule #1 of any marketing strategy. See you again soon!
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on A Three Point Marketing Plan at Sanders Says
David, I'm really looking forward to your report and data results for this project. Sounds like you really went deep into some of their operations and would be such an eye-opener to know how our military communicates these days. The old tactics of a recruiting table in the middle of campus is so 1990 (even though they still go for them) but there has to be something more. Hopefully you'll be able to shed some light. See you soon!
I do agree. I've been in and out and now out for good from automated systems that kill the true sharing aspect of being a community member. HootSuite. Tried it. Left it. DMs? Never tried. Never will. Thanks for the reminder!