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"would warm the Continental United States 0.24 degrees Celsius because wind turbines redistribute heat in the atmosphere." In order to heat something you have to add energy to it. Wind turbines remove energy from the air. They don't add it. There computer model breaks the laws of physics and is therefore wrong. Satellite data shows the earths temperature naturally bounces up and down by half a degree. We will never be able to detect 0.24C warming from wind turbines if it exists. Furthermore convection currents in the air naturally redistribute heat in the atmosphere resulting in the wind the wind turbines harvest. Additionally some of the energy generated by the wind turbines creates light, radio waves which is lost into space and will not warm the atmosphere. This would result in cooling.
"Harvey, you weren't paying attention. My example was a 240-mile EV, roughly a Tesla Model 3. 3 C charging gives cross-country road trip capability to even such a limited car." Actually any tesla model can do this today. The tesla supper charger network allows this. And surprisingly it doesn't negatively affect battery life. Some tesla's are used as taxis and they daily use tesla supper chargers. These taxis have put on over 200,000 miles with only a 10% capacity loss.
"And let me know when batteries can perform without massive loss of capacity in the cold, and at reasonable lifetime energy costs and money. They can't without new technology." There are a number of companies using Tesla models S as taxies. A number of these cars have already passed 200,000 miles on the original battery with only about a 7% capacity loss. Additionally these cars routinely use the Tesla high speed chargers. One of the these taxie services is in Finland which has extremely cold winters. Driving rang is reduced by about 20% at or below 0C. Tesla already has temperature controlled batteries and many tesla owners take advantage of rapid charging stations on long trips and cold weather doesn't kill the batteries. We don't need any new technology . What we have now is already better than any hydrogen fuel cell cars that have ever been made. Also fuel cells need to be heated at freezing temperatures otherwise ice will damage the fuel cells.