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Mark Pack
Work at communications agency Blue Rubicon and lecture at City University, London. Edit Liberal Democrat Newswire. Co-author, 101 Ways To Win An Election. Eater of chocolate.
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Looks like a 75% turnout of your readers in the poll so far. Impressive GOTV :)
Hello, another non-Bob here. I'm also not a Famous Russell, an Infamous Russell or an Obscure Russell. Just a sucker for your comment-bait :)
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Best of luck with whatever comes next - and thanks for the great talk you came and gave us.
Ah, you too...! Mind you, due to eagerness for bulk discounts I now have stocks of at least two light bulbs for which I'm more likely to die than get through them.
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You make some good points about how Google can use, and is using, its strengths in other areas to help push G+. I think this is the most important factor, much more so than features such as Circles. That's because, though they are nice and have brought in a useful innovation, Facebook has the people and money to be able to copy any feature tweak that someone else tries and turns out to be popular. What lets another firm really challenge a big, rich competitor is when they can do things which simply having lots of resources don't easily let you match - as with Google making use of its big email and search user base, something that Facebook's money can't simply buy (even if they buy up another search company).
Very nicely put in that penultimate paragraph of your post.
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The Mail got lots of its facts wrong including, rather amusingly, the times of the tweets which far from being sent in the middle of the night were sent during the day:
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Thanks for responding, but all the other professional, independent pollsters who have followed strict guidelines have come up with different results? Or are you saying that ComRes, ICM etc aren't independent + professional?
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How come you don't mention any of the other four polls which paint a very different picture - i.e. Lib Dem support holding up and Lib Dems in second ahead of Labour?
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I suspect those results - particularly the relatively low ranking for TV - would have looked very different if you'd been asking at 9pm rather than 9am?
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Pew are reputable and know their stuff when it comes to surveys, but... how can a poll that is conducted amongst adults (18+) only be used to produce figures for the media age of users of services that allow under-18s to use them?
Didn't ICM for Sunday Telegraph in May put Labour in third? Not much of a consolation, mind you!
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Yup, that's my top Blackberry configuration tip. It's great to see the surprise and relief on some people's faces when you show them that they don't have to be bugged by the flashing light all the time.
Graham: that's not as big a problem as it sounds, because councils only have to fully check against original records a sample of postal ballots. So they could decide to do all but those which are logistically very difficult - but still check over the phone that the date of birth given is correct (which provides some protection against fraud).
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Congratulations Simon. Hope the new job continues to go well.
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